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27mm Mink Strip Lashes Very Hot On Instgram And Youtube In 2019

25mm Mink Strip Lashes Very Hot On Instgram And Youtube In 2019

Recently 27mm mink strip Lashes on Instagram and YouTube is very popular. This is still a girl’s puzzling. In my opinion, this eyelash can be used exclusively for cattle. Lol

But there is no doubt that they are very popular now. I suspect that they may be like magnet eyelashes, and the trend of the wind will wander around the world for a long time.

The technology of the 25mm mink strip lashes is similar to that of the 25mm mink strip lashes. They are more delicate than other eyelashes because they are larger than the usual eyelashes. I really think it should be placed in the museum instead of on the eyes. It is very delicate, but it is too exaggerated and dramatic. It may be so hot now that people who love eyelashes lack a collection at home, or they receive the love of butterfly collectors. Lol

We know that there are a lot of eyelashes available today. Biotherm Lashes’ current range includes regular mink lashes, high quality mink eyelashes, 18mm mink lashes, 20mm mink strip lashes, and the most popular 25mm mink strip eyelashes. that’s it.

Why Is There No 25mm Mink Strip Lashes?

When you see this you may be wondering why there is no 25mm mink strip eyelash?

Yes, you are not mistaken, now we have not launched this series yet. And it should not be launched in the future.

(are you kidding me?!)

I read out your thoughts. But unfortunately, we really didn’t plan to launch this series, it is suitable for the beauty of the eye like the cow, and such beauty is rare.

As a collection, it should be rare.

So…Hey! I have a group of sisters with eyes like cows. How can I help them get the right eyelashes? The usual things are like branches on their eyes. Since I know 25mm mink strip eyelashes here, how can I help them?

I know that someone will definitely ask this question, don’t worry, although we don’t introduce this series, the 25mm mink strip lashes are custom-made. You only need to order a minimum of 30 pairs, which will help you at least 30 sisters a month, praise.

You only need to order a minimum of 30 pairs, you can customize 25mm mink strip lash, if you really need, Let’s contact Moune.