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3 Tips For Wearing A Wig In Summer And Warm Weather

3 Tips For Wearing A Wig In Summer And Warm Weather

As the temperature rises, summer is here. If you wear a wig and hair when you go out, you will feel hot, sweaty, and heavy, and you will doubt your life. When you have heat and sweat, it will stick to your back. In addition, if you go out to make-up in summer, your face will sweat. However, there are 4 tips for wearing a wig, and there is no need to completely abandon the wig in summer.


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The hairstyle you should have in summer

For fairies with long flowing hair, it is not recommended to tie the hair directly. It looks stiff and uninspired. You can try this simple ladies hair band. Use silk scarves as hair ropes to give simple ponytail hairstyles more possibilities and make your hairstyle more eye-catching and fashionable. Whether it is a high ponytail, a low ponytail or a playful ball head, plus a silk scarf can enrich the original monotonous hairstyle.

  1. Perfect Ponytail
  2. Rope Braid Ponytail
  3. Bubble Ponytail
  4. Loop-Side Ponytail
  5. Top Knot Bun
  6. Messy Bun
  7. Double Twisted Bun
  8. Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle
  9. Floral Twisted Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle
  10. Twist-Back Hairstyle
  11. Half-Up Rope Braid
  12. Heatless Headband Waves
  13. Fishtail Braid
  14. Dutch Braid
  15. Double Dutch Braids
  16. Triple Braid Hairstyle
  17. Fishtail Updo


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If you have curly hair, each of these styles is easy to replicate, and it takes up to five minutes of hairpin and hairspray. The real problem is that when I recommend these hairstyles to you, you feel like you can’t get started.

  1. Romantic bun: This bun looks very romantic, but very simple. Even better-it can be shaped quickly.
  2. Sky-High Pony: The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can easily dress or dress it up according to different activities.
  3. One-minute side braid: Don’t be fooled by how beautiful this half-back hairstyle is. It literally takes 60 seconds. Sleek Updo: This relaxed style is perfect for summer parties or festivals.
  4. Messy half-bun: Half-bun looks good in every hair texture and length, which may be the reason why the fashionable look has not disappeared.
  5. Low bun with braids: This is a genius hairstyle, especially suitable for people with curly hair and natural texture.
  6. Headband: We are constantly inspired by the minimalist approach to gorgeous curly hair. Here it proves that you don’t necessarily need a lot of length to enhance your appearance.

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The most important is the wig itself

When we face all kinds of wigs, we will be dazzled. We don’t know which wig is suitable for us and which type of wig to use this season. What factors need to be paid attention to when choosing. We may encounter all kinds of wigs. After the embarrassment, I summarized my approach. However, in summer or hot weather, the main basis for choosing a wig is to choose the one with the best air permeability and the right density.

First, start with the selection of density, 100%-180%, and sometimes other ranges can be seen. The higher the density, the greater the number of hairs. In hot weather, a lower density may be more appropriate.


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Secondly, the material is very important. The hair material, inner net and accessories used determine the quality and wearing effect of the wig. Without knowing the production process, the quality of the wig can be judged from the appearance and material of the wig. Our wigs are 100% real human hair, mainly lace. There are transparent lace and high-definition lace, and there are also wigs with or without lace.