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As An Eyelash Owner, Do You Know Difference Between Strip Lashes  Cluster Lashes And Lash Extensions?

As An Eyelash Owner, Do You Know Difference Between Strip Lashes Cluster Lashes And Lash Extensions?

 Biotherm Lashes is a great  Mink Lash Wholesale Eyelash Vendors USA.  We are proud of our 16mm 3d Mink Lashes, they are the leadship and so popular, easy to sell in the United States!They are the First choice for A Small Business for all beautiful girls. Following we will  introduce some comcept for the lash business beginners, hope it can help you!

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Strip Lashes
Strip lashes are a pre-made band of lashes that are applied with a removable adhesive.

These are worn for a special occasion or during the day but are not to be slept in. Strip lashes are meant to be an enhancement that can get applied every day, but also must be removed every day.

They can range in volume and length depending on the desired look and material they are made with.

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Cluster Lashes
Cluster lashes are little sections of a strip lash or a group of lashes that are glued together in a cluster with a thick base.

These can give you more of a natural look compared to strip lashes but are still very heavy to the eyes. These also should not be worn for more than a day and should not be slept in.

Be cautious: some salons will advertise they do lash extensions but will glue cluster lashes to their clients using unsafe adhesives. At Biotherm Lashes, we have our clients’ health and best interest in mind. Only the best professional-grade lashes and adhesives are provide!

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Lash Extensions
Lash extensions are where a professional adheres one extension or a bouquet of extensions to one natural lash.
Technician uses two sets of tweezers, one set will isolate one natural lash, and the other will grab an extension or a bouquet. Then at a precise angle, the extension will be dipped into the adhesive and applied to that one natural lash. At no point during this service will the client feel anything or be in pain. Lash extension sets are completely customizable and created at the moment.

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