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E11 and DH003 and 3D22, why do they look so similar?

E11 And DH003 And 3D22, Why Do They Look So Similar?

There are a lot of people who like 3D22 and DH003, they are very popular. In the United States, it is sought after by many dealers and eyelash enthusiasts.

People like its cross and natural look, as well as a comfortable wearing feel.

Its workmanship is so fine that you can see that it is a durable work of art. But at the same time they look very natural and beautiful in your eyes.

Yes, this is their strength, beauty, nature, quality, and quality. This is the most important.

Recently, there has been an uncertified E11 on the market. So, what are the differences between E11 and 3D22, DH003?


The Quality Of DH003 Is Irreplaceable

We know that the wholesale price of 3D22 is $5 pair, and the wholesale price of DH003 is 8$ pair, which are official prices and very transparent. And the price I found on AliExpress, the retail price of E11 is $2, which is an incredible price.
According to the information I have learned, $2 is not even enough to buy raw materials for 3D22 and DH003.

I must say that if you want a low-cost eyelash, E11 is really a good choice. And we must admit that we can’t do this at the moment, we can’t reach this price while maintaining our quality, which is our shortcoming.

From an economic point of view, the E11 that uses $2 a day is indeed very nice, but the DH003 that the 30 dollar uses for a month seems more attractive. Friends should never be deceived by digital games, don’t ignore your time.

Remember, the quality of Biotherm Lashes is irreplaceable. The quality of DH003 is irreplaceable.

What is the difference between E11 and 3D22 and DH003? The price is different, the quality is different, and the raw materials are different. If you have more questions, Let contact Moune.

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27mm Mink Strip Lashes Very Hot On Instgram And Youtube In 2019

27mm Mink Strip Lashes Very Hot On Instgram And Youtube In 2019

Recently 27mm mink strip Lashes on Instagram and YouTube is very popular. This is still a girl’s puzzling. In my opinion, this eyelash can be used exclusively for cattle. Lol

But there is no doubt that they are very popular now. I suspect that they may be like magnet eyelashes, and the trend of the wind will wander around the world for a long time.

The technology of the 27mm mink strip lashes is similar to that of the 25mm mink strip lashes. They are more delicate than other eyelashes because they are larger than the usual eyelashes. I really think it should be placed in the museum instead of on the eyes. It is very delicate, but it is too exaggerated and dramatic. It may be so hot now that people who love eyelashes lack a collection at home, or they receive the love of butterfly collectors. Lol

We know that there are a lot of eyelashes available today. Biotherm Lashes’ current range includes regular mink lashes, high quality mink eyelashes, 18mm mink lashes, 20mm mink strip lashes, and the most popular 25mm mink strip lashes. that’s it.

Why Is There No 27mm Mink Strip Lashes?

When you see this you may be wondering why there is no 27mm mink strip lashes?

Yes, you are not mistaken, now we have not launched this series yet. And it should not be launched in the future.

(are you kidding me?!)

I read out your thoughts. But unfortunately, we really didn’t plan to launch this series, it is suitable for the beauty of the eye like the cow, and such beauty is rare.

As a collection, it should be rare.

So…Hey! I have a group of sisters with eyes like cows. How can I help them get the right eyelashes? The usual things are like branches on their eyes. Since I know 27mm mink strip lashes here, how can I help them?

I know that someone will definitely ask this question, don’t worry, although we don’t introduce this series, the 27mm mink strip lashes are custom-made. You only need to order a minimum of 30 pairs, which will help you at least 30 sisters a month, praise.

You only need to order a minimum of 30 pairs, you can customize 27mm mink strip lashes, if you really need, Let’s contact Moune.

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Comments About 20mm Mink Strip Lashes

Comments About 20mm Mink Strip Lashes

Biotherm Lashes launched the 20mm Mink Strip Lashes in 2019. The eyelashes of this series are as long as 18-21mm. Now everyone is very interested in it. Let’s take a look at people’s comments on it.

MAYA ALLEN: You know what they are saying: the eye is the window of the soul. So we hope that our eyes will always look good. To be honest, 20mm mink strip lashes eyelashes have changed my beautiful life. Not only did they reduce my cosmetics by half, but they also made my eyelashes look natural and full.

AUDREY NOBLE: When you see the word “love these” in almost all the comments, you have to believe that these lashes are good. They also claim that they are super lightweight and stay in place perfectly. 

Comments About 20mm Mink Strip Eyelashes

Aily: The only critique these lashes seem to get is that they are never in stock. Buyers love these lashes for intense volume when you want a glam look.

Keylen: These 20mm mink strip eyelashes are obviously much thicker than the natural lashes. While these lashes may look too heavy for everyday wear, they are actually great for photos (especially if the photos are going to be taken from a bit further away).

 Anna: This 20mm Mink Strip Lashes has a bold pattern of longer and shorter lashes. Some may contain criss-crossed lashes, some may be staight, but the pronounced difference in tip length is their biggest feature. I like to use these if I am going on a date where I want a thicker, more dramatic look. 

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About 18mm Mink Strip Lashes

About 18mm Mink Strip Lashes

Americans are always full of personality, they are always passionate, like freedom and exaggeration.
Every American is full of personality.
On the eyelashes, Americans also like things like their character.
Free, passionate, unrestrained and exaggerated, this is the 18mm Mink Strip Lashes.
The 18mm Mink Strip Lashes made by cruel free mink hair, this is the best eyelash you can ever encounter. Its curvature is like a rainbow, and everyone’s eyes are focused on you. It makes you more charming.

A strong cotton thread provides you with a comfortable soft touch and long-lasting wear. 18mm Mink Strip Lahses, this is the best eyelash you can encounter. It can easily bring you a beautiful day. It is your loyal partner, and if you like it enough, it will accompany you for a pleasant month.
18mm Mink Strip Lashes, it will make you a star among friends, a rose in the eyes of lovers, a diamond shining in a party. What are you waiting for? Come and try!
The best 18mm Mink Strip Lashes, only at Biotherm Lashes.
For your beauty, Biotherm Lashes has been working hard!


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Why Is 20mm Mink Strip Lashes Sooooo Hot?

Why Is 20mm Mink Strip Lashes Sooooo Hot?

Lilly lashes is out of date, and if you’re still using Lilly lashes’s mink lashes, I’m sure you’ll think so. Because it hasn’t changed or added to its style for so long, it can no longer make you beautiful.


The classic is memorable, but we also know that the way to destroy a good song is to set it to your alarm clock. If you always use the same thing day after day, Could can you tell me what mediocrity is?

20mm Mink Strip Lashes, refuses mediocrity!

To Change Or Be Altered

People ask for delicious food, beautiful flowers, beautiful people. Everyone likes better things.

Now is the time for change.

The new 20mm mink strip lashes will update your eyelash line, to make you a trendsetter in 2019.

Choose 20mm mink strip lashes, change is in front of you.

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In 2019, What Is The Most Popular Eyelash?

In 2019, What Is The Most Popular Eyelash?

Dear friend, it will be over in 2018. If you can see this article, I guess you are a fan of strip eyelashes, whether you want to grow your brand, or start your brand, we are fans of eyelashes.

Since 2015, eyelashes have been loved by more people, and more and more people are beginning to use eyelashes to make themselves more beautiful. In 2017, the most popular eyelashes are 3D mink eyelashes. In 2018, the most popular is the 25mm mink strip lashes.
If you can know the most popular eyelashes in 2019, you must be sure.

Now, I want to congratulate, you have to know right away.

New Opportunities Are Here

The new opportunity is at Biotherm Lashes. If you have seen and believe in the miracle of 25mm mink strip eyelashes, if you miss the opportunity of 25mm mink lashes, now your chance is coming, the opportunity of 20mm mink strip lashes is in front of you.
The 25mm mink strip lashes are popular in the world within six months is a miracle, and its creator, Biotherm Lashes, now puts the second miracle in front of you.
If you are about to start a cosmetics business, when you are old, you will thank you for seeing this blog today.
If 25mm mink eyelashes has brought you a lot of benefits, what are you waiting for in the face of 20mm mink lashes?

20mm mink strip lashes is the key to your success
20mm mink strip lashes is the key to your success
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Why Biotherm Lashes Keep Designing New Mink Eyelashes Styles?

Why Biotherm Lashes Keep Designing New Mink Eyelashes Styles?

Hi new and old is the normal state of man,
Innovation can bring more business opportunities!

Today, people’s living standards continue to improve, people meet the basic standard of living, and began to pursue spiritual satisfaction. If you have faith, you must learn more, constantly improve yourself, keep up with the trend of the big era, make up, and give yourself confidence in this highly competitive society, full of energy and face to work and life!

However, the new and old-fashioned is the normal state of human nature, and the constantly changing style will bring different feelings to ourselves. The changing style will attract more people’s attention and become more happy to work and live!

Based on this, we not only pursue the natural and realistic effect on the eyelashes, but also constantly innovate the style of the eyelashes, or natural, or sexy, or exaggerated, or smart… let consumers always stand at the forefront of fashion, the first time Experience the latest products! Let consumers always show themselves at the forefront of fashion!

Constantly design new styles to meet the needs of each consumer’s different occasions. Meetings, parties, stage, lectures, red carpets… different occasions need to match different clothes, different makeup, also need different styles of eyelashes to match.


Consumers Like Fresh, Like To Try New Things In The First Time

Constantly design new styles, give consumers the same experience in the first time, the Internet era winners take all the time, the first time to get new styles can be the first For a time, it was launched on the Internet, bringing more collections, forwarders, and sharers to the customer’s website.

We hope that we are the most reliable design department for our customers. Our eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes, 3d silk eyelashes, and 25mm mink lashes are all designed and developed by us. These bring great business opportunities to our customers!

 Imitating products is lagging behind, and afterwards, it is only when the products are popular, they start to imitate. This invisibly loses too many business opportunities, even if the price is cheap, they can’t cooperate!

Innovation is our core! Quality is our life!

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How To Make A Good Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors?

How To Make A Good Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors?

Today, the problem with wholesale customers of mink lashes is that the quality of a large number of goods and samples is severely unstable. Give customers a sample, but the quality of large items is uneven. The delivery time is unstable, the delivery time is guaranteed to the customer, the customer has publicized, the delivery cannot be delivered on time, and the customer is lost.

Without the ability to update, the customer feels behind the style and loses a lot of opportunities to make money in the market. You did not provide updates to your customers in a timely manner. Once the market sees new products, your customers will soon lose other new customers. Low quality products do not have an innovative style. They only reduce quality and lower prices. Intense competition

Since e-commerce is so developed, good products, bad products, everyone knows that products that make money are always quality products.

Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after meeting their living standards. Beauty is the end. If beauty is not the ultimate, unnatural, imperfect, why should we make up? Isn’t it better to not wear makeup? This is the current deviation between the supplier and the consumer, which is the root cause of your loss to the customer.

Consumers are looking for quality eyelashes. Consumers are not afraid to spend money. If they are willing to spend money, they will feel good. Intermediaries know that low prices, low prices and low prices will eventually collapse in low prices and low quality competition. !

Dear Customer, Can You Understand?

There is a bias between the consumer and the middleman philosophy. Consumers are of a high standard, and the concept of middlemen cannot keep up with the concept of consumers.

When consumers say that prices are high, middlemen really think that prices are wrong. In fact, customers only want quality eyelashes.

The problem of eyelashes, especially eyelashes, is particularly serious, and the feelings of consumers and middlemen are biased.

If you are doing low-cost, low-quality eyelashes, you don’t have to do anything else all day, set up a department to handle customer returns and product quality complaints, and your costs are high.

I suggest that you set up a department to handle complaints. You encounter these problems, time and cost every day. Focus on sales, suppliers’ products don’t have to worry, and focusing on doing things will do better. In order to overturn the logic of the customer, when our logic must be correct, there is no need to talk about the customer, but the customer will consider it.

So dear has a good ideal and good merchandise is very important wholesale water lash eyelash supplier.

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How To Choose The Best 25mm Mink Lashes Vendor

How To Choose The Best 25mm Mink Lashes Vendor

25mm mink lashes, which was launched by biotherm lashes in July 2018, has been on the market for four months and is more popular than we could have imagined. We originally made big lashes to show off our craftsmanship, and no one can copy them. But after Big lashes became popular at a rate beyond our imagination, people began to imitate us.

If you’re not lucky, then it’s possible to buy a fake Big lashes produced by 25mm mink lashes.Biotherm lashes that is unique, and its craft is too complex to be copied.

Don’t worry you’ll buy the fake Big Lashes, I’m going to show you how to tell the Big lashes eyelashes from the fake 25mm mink lashes.Biotherm Lashes are symmetrical and its eyelashes look perfectly smooth. And the fake Big lashes, because the quality of the product is difficult to control, you can intuitively see that it’s asymmetric. Bioterm Lashes, and the 25mm mink lashes is produced using the best mink hair,. Soft and light. The fake 25mm mink lashes, uses less good material, and you can see from the picture that it is not smooth.

So you don’t have to worry about buying fake big lashes, as long as you’ve read this article. If you want to buy the rest of the big lashes, send a message to my whatsapp.

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Mink Lashes Wholesale Mink Lash with 25mm Lashes

Mink Lashes Wholesale Mink Lash with 25mm Lashes

What are the hottest eyelashes on the market right now, no doubt 25mm lashes. It’s hot beyond our imagination, our inventory doesn’t keep up with customer demand, but there’s a lot of imitation mascara in the market. So today I want to stress two things:

The first point: Biotherm Lashes 25 mm Lashes is irreplaceable.

Our eyelashes are getting more and more popular and in increasing demand. Because this product is just beginning, we are not ready for its hot sale, we do not have too much stock. Now some customers need to book in advance. Many people don’t understand why our output is so low, so today we have to explain it. Our eyelashes are made by hand. This is a work that requires art and inspiration. Every worker who can make an 25mm Lashes is unique. The 25mm Lashes manufacturing process is very complicated, so we produce 6 pairs of eyelashes per day per employee. Yes. Our customers think we are very slow, but please believe that we can guarantee the quality of your eyelashes, I believe you will not provide your customers with poor quality eyelashes, so I believe you will understand us, we only provide quality products.

Number two: cheap mink eyelashes

Our 25 mm DH mink eyelashes cost $8. If you order a lot, we’ll give you a good discount. If someone sells you 25mm Lashes, for a very low price I hope you’ll be on your guard if you want to know why when you buy it you’ll know why. We are a professional supplier, we are a wholesale mink Lashes eyelash supplier our price is already ex-factory price, it will not be lower than this, so if someone told you to lower the price, please do not buy, Because their quality will not be guaranteed, and the style will be with yours Imagination creates a gap.

Dear, if you encounter these two situations, please don’t worry or believe that we just want you to have the best eyelashes.

Dear, if you have any other questions, please feel free to send me a message. We will provide you with the best service.