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Brushing Method Of False Eyelash VS Mascara

Brushing Method Of False Eyelash VS Mascara

Brush a thin layer of mascara first, then stick it on. Use of false eyelashes:

1. First use eyelash clip their eyelashes, help brush the eyelash cream to maintain curl. Brush a thin layer of mascara, the best choice is curly, the purpose is to help true eyelashes and false eyelashes fit together, without the embarrassment of two layers of eyelashes.

2. Compare the length of the false eyelashes on the eyes because everyone has different eye shapes and needs to trim the eyelashes properly after the length has been confirmed.

3. Curving the eyelash is like massaging the eyelash pedicle, which makes the eyelash more smooth and natural, and adjusts the curvature of the eye.

4. Pruning out the required length, usually the tail of the eyelash is longer, cut from this end, the short eyelashes of the eye is retained, this can appear more natural, pay attention to the two false eyelashes should be cut symmetrical.

5. Apply lashes viscose to the bottom of the mascara. Help false eyelashes attached to the top of the real eyelashes, there is no foreign body feeling.

6. After calculating a good position, from the middle of the eyelid paste, so easy to adjust.

7. Wait until the eyelash is half dry to reach maximum viscosity, this time will be the two ends of the up, along the eye shape of the Radian paste.

8 . In order to avoid two layers of eyelashes , apply the false eyelashes to the abdomen lightly and tightly after being attached .

9. If you feel that the eyelashes are not enough, you can gently clip the eyelashes again, the intensity must be light, otherwise it may damage Radian. 10. Check if there is a gap in the eyelash joint, you can use eyeliner pen or eyeliner glue to fill the gap, so that the eyelash appears more natural.

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