Customized Drawer Box With Logo

Customized Drawer Box With Logo

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                                   High quality drawer boxes

        The current eyelash packaging box is not only used to package eyelashes, but also a symbol of beauty. Choosing eyelash packaging can not only protect your eyelashes, but also attract customers and showcase the unique culture of your eyelash brand.

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      butterfly drawer customized box

                drawer  box  with eye

                     clear drawer box with logo

           Biotherm lashes is a high-quality custom-made eyelash drawer box manufacturer, The production process is complicated. It can clearly show the beauty and personality of your eyelashes. It is easy to pull. The customized logo can let your customers find you more clearly on the eyelashes  packing  box.

                                                                                                                             white drawer box 

                                                                                                               special customized box with logo

  customized telephone drawer box

                                                                                                            Vintage tape recorder  drawer box

                                                                                                               Rain curtain drawer box with logo