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Did You Know That Russian Curl Lashes Will Be Popular In 2022?

Did You Know That Russian Curl Lashes Will Be Popular In 2022?

As a professional eyelash and Customized Eyelash Packaging Box Supplier, in 2022, we have developed the two most popular eyelashes color eyelashes and Russian Eyelashes.
Do you know why more and more girls like to order Russian Strip Lashes?

20Mm Russian Lashes Vendor

First of all, there is no doubt that the price is cheap.
For example, if you go to an eyelash salon for lash extensions, your bill will be $100-200, but if you buy Russian lashes, you can get a pair of high-quality Russian lashes for only $2. You i can wholesale 10 pairs of lashes or 30 pairs of lashes to enjoy cheap high quality russian lashes for yourself, while doing lash business, you can even enjoy free russian lashes after making money.

Russian Lash Vendors Wholesale

Second, save your precious time
Girls who have done eyelashes know that it takes at least 1 hour and a professional eyelash technician to make a perfect extension. If you choose Russian eyelashes, you can do it yourself in 1 minute.

Russian Curl Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

Third, you can try different styles of Russian lashes
If you are choosing an eyelash supplier, Biotherm Lashes will be your best eyelash business partner.
It takes at least 1 month for the eyelashes to be extended before they can be replaced (unless you have the money to replace them as soon as they are done), that is, you can only enjoy this Russian eyelashes style this month, but if you choose Russian eyelashes If so, you can choose different Russian eyelashes for different eye makeup, and there is a brand new eye makeup every day.

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Fourth, Russian lashes are very safe.
If you have planted eyelash extensions, it will not be easy to take off. When your eyes rest, it will become a burden on your eyes and can cause eye diseases. On the contrary, if you choose Russian eyelashes, then you can take it off and put it on at any time, very free and comfortable.

Russian Eyelash Manufacturer

So, do you know what the material of Russian eyelashes is? You must have noticed that the arc of the Russian eyelashes is very curly, so this is its style,

Russian Strip Lashes are made of man-made material such as fiber and plastic material, cruelty-free, belongs to vegan lashes, so that will a little bit than Real Mink Lashes. Only this material can make such volume of Russian eyelashes。

Russian Lashes Vendors

Do you know which two are the most popular?
15mm and 20mm are the most popular, if you want to order wholesale, please add my WhatsApp and I will send you the full eyelash catalog, you can choose any style you want, and can also brand your eyelashes at the same time Customized eyelash packaging box. I will give you the most professional service.
If you want to order in bulk, please contact us, the more you buy, the better the price.

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