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Do You Know The Tips For Using Eyelashes?

Do You Know The Tips For Using Eyelashes?


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Not only do girls worry that they don’t have long, thick eyelashes, but they often lose them.

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Accordingly, the maintenance method of eyelash is very important also. What mistakes should be noticed in the makeup process?

1、Use the wrong mascara

A lot of times, makeup can easily cause eyelashes to fall out and damage, especially when the eyelashes are pulled. In addition, if the eyelash curler is stuck with makeup, it is easy to stick to the eyelashes. This can make eyelash back burden, even if be pulled by the roots, also want special attention!

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2、 the thick makeup

Girls who often need a lot of makeup should have a deep feeling. Every time you take off your makeup, your eyelashes fall out! That’s because the lashes are under too much pressure. If you want to reduce the number of lashes, try to reduce the amount of heavy makeup, mascara will work better, so you won’t cause too much damage to the eyelashes!

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3、 makeup remover is not complete

Did you really remove the makeup that was hidden under your eyelashes? When discharge makeup, want not only wide range of clean, notice detail even. Remove makeup carefully with eye makeup remover. Otherwise, when you start losing your eyelashes, you’ll regret it.

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4、 False eyelashes are not handled properly

It happens so easily! Every day when they come home from work, some girls want to take off their makeup as soon as possible. When you indiscriminately remove false eyelashes, you will find real eyelashes on false eyelashes! So, no matter how tired you are, gently remove makeup, love eyelashes!

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