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Do You Like These Eyelash Set Of Boxes?

Do You Like These Eyelash Set Of Boxes?

People who pursue beauty always want to be different, different makeup needs different eyelashes, so Biotherm eyelashes designed an eyelash set of  box.We call it the lash book. Let me introduce our eyelash book styles  to you.

1 ,This is a big  eyelash case.It can be used to hold 3 pairs of eyelashes, a pair of tweezers, a nice eyelash brush and custom LOGO glue.

low price false eyelash packaging box

Our box can be printed with your own logo, leaving your social information, so that your brand can be better promoted.

custom made eyelash box

2,This eyelash holder can  hold 3 pairs of eyelashes or 1 pairs and 1 piece of tweezer。 Of course, you can also put a brush inside.

mink lash packaging

This case is a little smaller in size.We have many styles to choose from and print your logo on them.

Wholesale Lash Packaging

Wholesale False Eyelash Packaging Box

If the customer wants to choose a combination of mink lashes rather than a single mink lashes.This set of products includes mascara box, mascara gel, tweezers, and mascara brush, so this will completely meet your customer’s needs.

Custom Packaging For Eyelashes

The best thing about this case is that you can choose any combination of styles in any length.For example, all are exaggerated styles, or all are conventional styles, or the combination of conventional and exaggerated, working with B eyelashes, will let you experience what the real mink eyelashes are.

Eyelash Boxes Wholesale

Many customers only have the brand name, and Biotherm lashes have a professional designer team, who can design the LOGO for your brand for free, which will save you a considerable amount of design costs.If you have a LOGO, you can send us your LOGO, brand name and information, and we will arrange the designer to show you,your LOGO on the box for free, and print the product after you confirm and confirm the design.

Diy Lash Packaging

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