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Do You Like This Bright Acrylic Eyelashes Packing Box?

Do You Like This Bright Acrylic Eyelashes Packing Box?

Spring is here, and the flowers are full of life. Girls are putting on their pretty 3D Mink Eyelashes, applying lip gloss, dressing up like flowers, going on dates, outings and shopping.After 2 months ‘design, Biotherm Lashes designer team launched another new Eyelash Packaging Box.

1. What are these new eyelash cartridges?

The new type of eyelash box is acrylic Eyelash Packing Box.

They are PMMA plates made from MMA, an organic compound that is as clear as glass.It is a new type of thermoplastic material.It has excellent wear resistance and stability, making it ideal for printing colorful logos

2. Why update acrylic eyelash cartridges?

Because the original acrylic customized eyelash packaging only has a single color, in order to meet the needs of more customers.

The color is bright and it’s very stable, so don’t worry about fading.Its high heat resistance and heat resistance make acrylic glass not easy to break.

It has the advantages of high transparency, light weight, wear-resisting, not easy to damage, soft texture and so on.

3. Would you like to customize this new acrylic eyelash hair box?

You can print any of your logos on a mascara cartridge.

The Biotherm Lashes seller’s acrylic box, like the other boxes, has at least 30 logos to print.

And we can arrange our designers to design the logo you want on the eyelash package for free.

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