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Do You Want Custom PASSPORT Lash Packing Box?

Do You Want Custom PASSPORT Lash Packing Box?

When selling Luxury Mink Lashes, The girls who do Lashes Business often choose a special eyelash packaging box, hoping to attract the attention of girls through special Eyelash Packaging Boxes, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting eyelash sales.A beautiful eyelash box can become your invisible advertising, let girls look more.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Biotherm Lashes’s designer team recently received a lot of eyelash packaging customization on the passport, The Passport Lash Packaging is very popular recently, you can put the passport to print on any eyelash box, first of all, you choose a eyelash packaging, often people will choose clamshell box as the basis of passport box box, with pure color, design and color,This way you can print your eyelash brand name on the eyelash packaging box and get a “passport” for your eyelash brand, so girls have a passport eyelash packaging box.

Lash Packaging Vendor

If you have your own LOGO, we can print your LOGO on the back of the box as the record of the passport, which is also very characteristic.Do you like this Passport Eyelash Packing Box?If you like it, please contact me

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