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Do You Want To Customize The Logo Stickers?

Do You Want To Customize The Logo Stickers?

Biotherm Lashes  is a professional Real Mink Lashes Manufacturer and supplier of customized eyelash packaging boxes. It provides customized eyelash services for many beauty salons. Anyone in the Eyelash Business knows that Private Label Lash Boxes are very important because they can not only be used As a container for eyelashes, it protects eyelashes from damage and can help you expand your brand.

Empty Eyelash Boxes Wholesale

What I recommend to you today is custom logo paste, because many eyelash suppliers have a minimum order quantity for custom eyelash packaging boxes. Generally, it takes 100 to print the logo. The minimum order quantity for custom eyelash packaging boxes for B eyelashes It is 30, but many customers feel that 30 is too much when they just started the eyelash business. They only want a small amount. Test the market first. Due to the minimum quantitative limit of the Customized Eyelash Packaging Box, Biotherm Lashes are recommended for you to customize Logo Paste, yes, customize your own brand Logo Sticker, this sticker can be affixed anywhere, its application range is arranged on the eyelash packaging box, you can also use it on the outer packaging when you ship to the customer.

Custom Logo Sticker Vendors

The Logo Sticker can be posted wherever you want to. If you are still in other business, it can also be used. This logo sticker allows you to spend the least money and get brand promotion, so it Very good value. You can get hundreds of stickers for dozens of dollars, so if you want to customize logo stickers。

Eyelash Packaging Box Sticker Suppliers

Come and contact Biotherm Lashes WhatApp+8618863907692, we have a professional designer team to design a logo for you for free, and I will recommend a logo sticker that suits you。