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Easy to learn eyelashes in three steps (it is impossible!)

Have You Ever Studied False Eyelashes?

Is there a feeling of failure in the learning process?
Is there a hundred doubts about the real role of this product?
If you have it, then it’s right!

Learning to apply false eyelashes is a process that every woman who loves beauty must go through.
I don’t say how hard the process is, because the number is not clear.
Therefore, some beauty net red said that “a few steps to teach you to put false eyelashes” are basically deceptive, almost everyone will encounter these situations when learning to use the eyelashes.

1. Do Not Clip Eyelashes

There are a lot of small partners who are short in eyelashes themselves. They think that they can not wear eyelashes before putting false eyelashes. As a result, even if the false eyelashes are right angled, the true and false eyelashes will be completely separated. It will be very funny.

2. Stick Too High

Many small partners will almost always stick to the upper eyelids after learning the false eyelashes, mainly because the false eyelashes do not stick to the roots of the true eyelashes, and some will directly apply the false eyelashes to the double eyelids. between.

3. Stick Too Low

If you find that your eyesight is blocked after the false eyelashes are attached, it is that you put the false eyelashes too low. You may want to make the true and false eyelashes fit together well, so the effect is more natural, but the action is a bit too much.
The correct three methods:
This kind of technology can be learned in a few steps, but it really only needs three parts. This was the result of a long-term investigation and experiment by Boitherm Lashes.

Tools: Eyelash glue, eyebrow scissors, eyelash curler

First, the false eyelashes are created after the steps of eye shadow, eyeliner, etc. are drawn!

Step One

The first step is to curl the true eyelashes and slowly press them up from the roots of the eyelashes on the eyelashes instead of just one position, so that the eyelashes will bend naturally and last.

Step Two

Then you need to apply glue on the stem of the false eyelashes. Use the eyelash curler to firmly hold the false eyelashes, and evenly dry the glue after it is dry. Newbie friends should never use black glue after drying. If you accidentally posted the wrong one, you may want to put real eyelash. Make up the makeup and get back again.

Step three

Use the eyelash curler to help the false eyelashes stick to the root of the real eyelashes. You can use the eyeball position as the fixed point, and then attach the false eyelashes in the left and right positions after the paste, and the position can be adjusted slightly before the glue is dry.

This is all done! ! !

A successful false eyelash paste case is that the lashes of the eyelashes must be firmly attached to the roots of the true eyelashes. The true and false eyelashes are perfectly integrated, and the eyesight is not obstructed and the eyelids are normally prevented from blinking.

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