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      Eyelash supplier Biotherm lashes provides the highest quality tweezers in the mink eyelash industry.They are hand-made,with high quality precision materials.For high-end mink eyelashes, use advanced tweezers.

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custom tweezer with logo

custom eyelash tweezer 

custom eyelash tweezer 

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custom eyelash tweezer 

custom eyelash tweezer 

custom eyelash tweezer 

From customer reviews:

I like it because it is a good price and it helps me a lot. My hand is shaking, this product is easier to apply my eyelashes!
Yes, these eyelashes are exactly what I want. They are easy to use and easy to store, I put them in the same box as the eyelashes. They are great for helping to precisely align eyelashes, they don’t let the eyelashes slip through, and it’s helpful to try to glue them. This tool makes false eyelashes easier to wear. I don’t have to rush to push and pull it down. Perfect application every time.

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