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Fluffy And Dramatic 5D 25mm Mink Lashes

Fluffy And Dramatic 5D 25mm Mink Lashes

Biotherm Lashes is a professional Manufacturer Of Pure Hand-made Mink Eyelashes and customized eyelash packaging boxes. We have our own designer team, which specializes in researching the popular eyelash styles in the future. Every quarter, Biotherm Lashes  will release the latest popular Siberian Mink Lashes styles to satisfy the beauty Lady’s needs. What I want to show you today is our latest 5D mink eyelashes.《new-styles-eyelashes-are-really-important-to-start-the-eyelash-business-why》

25mm Mink Lashes Catalog

The length of this 5D Mink Eyelashes is 25mm. The difference from   our DY 25mm Mink Lashes  series is that it is more fluffy and dramatic, and more suitable for editing and shooting. If you wear it, the focus will be on the activity of your eyes. Our 3D Mink Lashes are more suitable for daily life, and 5D Eyelashes are more suitable for commercial filming.
Similarly, all of our eyelashes are handmade, high-quality Siberian Mink Lashes, providing unparalleled results. There are various lengths and thicknesses to choose from, and there are countless choices from which these feathers are light and beautiful.《why-eyelashes-are-so-important-for-makeup》

25mm Mink Lash Wholesale

25mm eyelashes are 100% handmade, 100% of the mink tail hair, Cruelty Free, although it looks big, but its band is very soft, the weight is as light as feathers, comfortable, when you wear this 25 mm Eyelashes, you are always at the center of attention, perfect for parties, bars, nightclubs and travel!

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We continue to improve our mink eyelashes, including using good materials, improving production skills, training factory workers, etc. We have developed the number of our Mink Eeyelashes. After hundreds of tests and hundreds of improvements, we have successfully become a world-renowned Mink Eyelash Wholesale Supplier
If you are interested in placing an order for shooting, or business, you can contact WhatsApp  +8618863907692

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