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How Much Money Can You Make Selling Mink Eyelashes?

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Mink Eyelashes?

When doing business with customers, Biotherm Lashes should help customers solve some problems in the process of eyelash sales. Some customers would think that they could not make money when doing business, and they would ask me: “Hey, Gaby, why is my profit so low in Eyelash Business?”When I asked some details about the customer’s eyelash sales, I immediately understood why her eyelash business could not make money.<<How To Quickly Choose A Precise Eyelash Vendor?>>

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

Eyelash sales industry is a very suitable for small startup cost, only need 100-200 $ can have their own small business, when I asked the customer, how much is her Mink Eyelash, answer I get is us $10, some even are $8, the reason is cost, sales price so low, can’t make money of course!

Lash Packaging Vendor

The cost of high quality 3D Mink Eyelashes is quite different.For example, another of our customers sold us the same mink lashes for $20- $25 and they were very popular.Why did she sell it so high?Because of its value.Good products will not cheat customers, can bring high value to customers, is worth it.Only high quality products can keep fans.

Custom Lash Cases

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So, when you choose a high-end product, you should know the real value behind it.When setting a price, you have to consider how much beauty the lash will bring to the customer and how much that beauty is worth.

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