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How to buy sample eyelashes before bulk order

How to buy sample mink lashes before bulk order

Biotherm Lashes is a Mink Eyelash supplier and Eyelash manufacturer in China. We specialize in handmade Mink Eyelashes, including 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D. If you are looking for a Mink Lash Supplier, we are definitely your best choice!<<the-three-most-important-steps-to-start-your-eyelash-business-help-you-clear-your-mind>>

A lot of people at the start of Eyelash Business before, who don’t sure them choice of Mink Lash Supplier product quality, so choose samples before bulk order package to try the quality first, I think this is very right choice, so b launch combines every kind of Mink Eyelash sample pack of the most popular style, you can take any you like sample pack, off coures you can choose style do your sample pack.Get Gaby quote/place order from WhatsApp:+8618863907692<<how-to-modify-the-address-after-placing-an-order?>>

Dramatic Eyelash Sample Pack 1,  50$  For All the models intotal 4 pairs mink  lashes

Natural Eyelash Sample Pack 2,  50$  For All the models intotal 4 pairs mink  lashes

10 pairs 16mm mink lashes Sample Pack3,  70$

10 pairs 20mm mink lashes Sample Pack4,  85$  

5pairs  22mm mink lashes Sample Pack5,  55$  

5 pairs 25mm mink lashes  Sample Pack6,  60$