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How To Choose  Eyeliner Glue?

How To Choose  Eyeliner Glue?

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As we all know, Custom Eyelash Glue can help your eyes stand out and make your eyes shiny and deep, so this is the foundation of makeup for girls all over the world, but how to choose an excellent Custom Eyelash Liner Glue?

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Before buying an eyeliner, you need to consider many precautions, such as whether the material of the pen itself is harmful to the eyes or skin, and the appearance of the Eyelash Glue . I believe that when a girl wants to buy, the first thing is to choose the quality of the  Eyelash Liner Glue . This is very important. The second is the appearance of the eyeliner, because a good appearance will give people a good feeling during makeup.

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The Custom Eyelash Glue Pen of Biotherm Lashes satisfies the two most important factors above. Next, choose the eyeliner of the color you like?
The advantages of Custom Eyelash Glue are as follows:

1. The appearance of gold and rose gold, the patterns of diamonds, pearls and leopards are very beautiful.

2. You can choose more outflow colors: black, transparent.

3. 2 in 1 Custom Eyelash Glue: not only used as liquid eyeliner, but also as glue, because it is viscous liquid eyeliner, so you don’t need to buy some glue.

4. Waterproof! We tested and found that even after rinsing, the eyeliner stay the same.

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