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How To Choose The Eyelash Packing Box You Are Interested In?

How To Choose The Eyelash Packing Box You Are Interested In?


Biotherm eyelashes come in hundreds of customized eyelash wraps.Our customers often cannot choose the style they want.Many people want to customize their Eyelash Packaging, but because they only have their own brand name, there is no brand logo.Don’t worry, Biotherm eyelashes have a team of professional designers who can help you design your own brand logo and print it on beautiful Custom Eyelash Packaging.《why-we-need-custom-eyelash-packaging-2》

Wholesale Lashes And Packaging

Biotherm eyelash customized eyelash packaging. Customers can get Customized Lash Box design drawing with their own logo within one day after completing the deposit or full payment.After the design is confirmed, they can receive their own Wholesale Mink Lashes and packaging within a week, no faster wholesale mink lashes and packaging merchants can do it!!



Make Your Own Eyelash Box

Many of our customers have just opened their own mink eyelash companies, but because of the large moQ of many suppliers, they cannot buy Customized Eyelash Packaging.However, the minimum order quantity of our customized eyelash packaging is only 30, and we have our own customized eyelash packaging factory, so our advantage is that the minimum order quantity is very small, which is very beneficial to the customers who just set up their own mink eyelash company.So for $100- $200 you can have your own Mink Lash Business

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