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How To Create Your Own Lipgloss Business?

How To Create Your Own Lipgloss Business?

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Hi Love, Are you find Vendors lip gloss tubes wholesale?I love lipgloss! I want to create my own Lipgloss line. How do I do it?

                                                                                                                                                        Wholesale Lip Gloss Vendors 

tep 1: Create a logo or Brand name for your lip gloss tube line.

Step 2: Find Vendors Lip Gloss Tube(here). What fits your budget?

Step 3: Choose a tube. We offer more than 10 options. Then, we print your logo on the tube, regardless of the package you choose.

Step 4: Choose your colors. We offer 60+ in-stock colors and can make custom colors, too (just be aware custom colors are more pricey!).

Step 5: Choose your finish. Glossy or matte?

Step 6 (Optional): Create a box design*. If you add optional boxes to your order, you’ll need to design a box. This can be a tricky step, so we’ve created a “How-to design a box guide” here. You don’t need a box, but it helps make your line look professional. We recommend getting a designer on board or just sending us your box color choice (any color is ok!) and your logo. We’ll print it for you.

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Step 7: Get started!WhatsApp :+86 18863907692

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