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How To Customize The Lash Packing From Us

How To Customize The Lash Packing From Us

1. Please add my WhatAPP + 8618863907692 to contact me.

I will recommend the most popular Eyelash Packaging Box for you. You can choose the eyelash box you like according to our box catalog.

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2. Please send me your logo or brand name.

I will recommend the Lash Packaging that matches your logo. If you don’t have a logo, our professional designer team will design it for you, so don’t worry.

Eyelash Packing Box

3.Choose a offer  according to your budget.

I will provide you with the most favorable wholesale price offer. If you can accept the price, we can accept Paypal and Alibaba 2 payment methods, you can choose one. When you have completed the payment, I will create an order for you, arrange a professional designer to give it to you, and start your order.

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4. Confirm the details of the order.

Our professional sales service and designers will design the box for you according to your requirements. You can change the design plan, and our professional designers will change it for you until you are satisfied, and there is no extra cost of. When you are satisfied with the design sketch, our sales staff will follow you to confirm whether to proceed with production. If you agree, we will arrange production for you. Please note that once you confirm the design sketch to arrange production, it cannot be changed. Once changed, The high cost will be borne by you.

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5. Production time.

Since we receive a large number of orders every day, our production time is usually 3-5 working days. When your order is over, we will arrange for you to ship to your address, and Send you the tracking number.

Empty Eyelash Packaging

Flash Eyelash Packaging Box

6.Shipping time 

we use FEDEX fast  shipping method shipping time is about 5-7 work days

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