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How To Make Eyelashes Long-Lasting? 

How To Make Eyelashes Long-Lasting? 

Beauty-loving girls wear mink eyelashes every day because it makes their eyes look more attractive, but do you know how to make your mink eyelashes last longer?

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Biotherm Lashes is a professional wholesale manufacturer of eyelashes and a supplier of customized eyelash glue. Now I will tell you some ways to make your 3d mink eyelashes last longer.

1. Trim the length of the mink eyelash band according to the shape of your eyes. First determine the position of the inner eye to wear the eyelashes, cut off the excess part, and then trim the tail of the eyelash band, so that the eyes will be comfortable to wear the eyelashes.

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2. Choose different adhesives according to the things you do every day. If you exercise a lot and often outdoor activities, then I suggest you choose waterproof eyelash glue, black eyelash glue or white transparent eyelash glue Anyway, if you are working in an office, then I suggest you choose a gel eyeliner with better water resistance.

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3. Put the mink eyelashes directly on the root of your own eyelashes, and then stick them in the order of the middle of the eyes, the inside of the eyes and the end of the eyes. Press a little to fix them, so that the eyelashes will be more realistic, natural and lasting.

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