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How To Make Your Headgear Look More Natural?

How To Make Your Headgear Look More Natural?

Product care
These simple tools can improve the appearance of any wig. Products are important for conditioning hair (make sure to put the conditioner mainly on the ends). In addition… our favorite technique is to gently spray a small amount of hair oil on the hair to adjust the gloss appearance that some wigs may have, so that the gloss has a natural luster.

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Place the wig
The position of your wig will definitely affect how natural it looks. If your wig is too far from your forehead, it will be obvious. First, you need to make sure that your wig is the right size. Then we recommend wearing a nylon or mesh cap underneath before wearing the wig. This will hide your own hair and prevent your own hair from falling out under the wig. Your wig should be placed exactly in the center of your natural hairline.

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Now, if you don’t have any hair and you are trying to figure out where your natural hairline is… use the 90-degree angle technique. Just raise one hand up in front of your face and place the other hand on top of your head. The fingertips of both hands touch, forming a 90-degree angle. The place where your fingertips meet is your hairline!
Magical mixing technique
One of our favorite techniques is to mix the wig with your own hair. Leave the first half of the hair outside, and put the wig slightly back on the head to reveal natural hair. Be sure to design your own hair according to the texture or curly pattern of the wig to get the most seamless connection.

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The lace front wig provides you with a beautiful and natural hairline…but your actual hairline is even more perfect! So, if you have hair… try it!

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Now that you know some of the best tips for wearing wigs for professionals, please try some or all of them. You will be surprised how different they are to the style you already have. However, it may prompt you to get a new style! Whether you need to wear a wig or just want to wear a wig to make life easier… these steps will make you fall in love with it!