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How To Prolong The Use Of Mink Lashes?

How To Prolong The Use Of Mink Lashes?

Mink Lashes are a must-have for enhancing eye look, like it or not, it’s booming marketing now. Among all different types of Wholesale Lashes USA, Mink Lashes are the most expensive but highest quality lashes.

If we can use some technology to extend life, it will save us a lot of money.Read the guide below

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  • Remove carefully
  1. When it’s late in the day, we need to take off the Mink Eyelashes. I know some of you are just too lazy then pulling off directly with your hands, which is totally wrong.
  2. We need to take them off carefully each time from our eyes, in order to keep them always in their best condition and better prepare for the next use.
  3. Now, what’s the best and quick way to take off? Take a cotton swab, dipping it with makeup remover, and rub it along with the lash line, which will help to loosen up the glue, eventually slide off your eyes.In this way, your natural eyelashes aren’t damaged as well. How simple is that!

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  • Clean up completely
  1. Even use makeup remover, there are still chances lashes are left more or less with eyelash glue or mascara. For a big amount of glue leftover, Tweezers are your best friend now.
  2. Holding one side of the glue with the tweezer by one hand, and grabbing the lashes by another hand(do not hold the lash band), gently pulling off until you see the big glue is peeling off.

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  • Reserve properly
  1. After we clean them off, time to find a good place for storage. Keep your original Wholesale Lashes USA package tray is a good idea for reserving, as your lashes could keep the original curl.
  2. If you have to throw away the original box, find a place where is dark, cool, dry, your dresser drawer could be a nice choice.