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How To Use Eyeliner Glue Pen?

How To Use Eyeliner Glue Pen?

Biotherm Lashes is professional Mink Eyelash  Suppliers and  Custom Eyelash Packaging  Manufacturer, we can provide you with eyelash tools, such as eyeliner, Eyelash Glue, eyelash tweezers, eyeliner glue pen is very popular now, because is a new product of the market, so there are a lot of people can’t use, now, Biotherm Lashes eyelash to teach you how to use Eyeliner Glue Pen

Design Your Own Eyeliner Glue Pen

Step 1-Preparation
Clamp the eyelashes on the eyes to measure the length of the eyelashes. If necessary, trim the 3D mink eyelashes to a suitable size with scissors. Prune carefully, starting from the outside!

Make sure your eyelids are clean and oil-free. You can use non-oily cleaners to achieve oil-free lids.If you use mascara, apply mascara first and then eyelashes. This will help you make the most of reusable eyelashes!
Wrap each eyelash around your finger for 1 minute. This will help them shape and prevent the ends from lifting.

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Step 2-Apply
Shake your Flick & Stick Liner Glue Pen!
Like any ordinary eyeliner, apply the sticky eyeliner on the lash line. Add more pads to the inner and outer corners to increase fixation.

Start applying the eyelashes from the inner corner, and then gently press along the lash line to secure the eyelashes in place. Adjust as needed. Pinch and press near the roots of the eyelashes to secure them. If necessary, polish with a pen.

Please clean your Flick & Stick pen regularly to remove makeup residue. You can do this by soaking a cotton pad in micellar water and gently rubbing the nib. This will also prevent it from drying out!

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Step 3-Remove
When removing, slowly remove the 3D mink eyelashes from the outer corner. No sticky glue means that the eyelashes are not torn off and easy to remove!
After use, you can use our cleansing oil and cotton pad to wipe off the adhesive. Micellar water is also very effective.

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After each use, please return Mink Lashes Wholesale to the tray to maintain its shape. The absence of hard leather means they will be great to wear again after removal!