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How To Use Social Platform Business?

How To Use Social Platform Business?

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How to properly use social media is our main issue today. Reasonable use of social media can help us expand our eyelash business and make good publicity about our eyelash business. It can also act as a free advertisement. But social platforms also have certain rules. We must abide by the rules of social platforms to make our eyelash business or lip gloss business, or fake intentions, get good publicity. So usually the social platforms we use are Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. These three types can quickly attract more traffic. And the usage of these three platforms is also relatively large.

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Introduce the usage rules of different platforms separately. First Instagram: We all know that when we want others to follow you if you are not a celebrity, you are not a beauty blogger. And you just created an account. In addition to attracting traffic through excellent post content, we must also actively follow your target customers and strive to get back followers. But be careful not to follow too much at one time, about 10 users a day, because too much attention will cause the system to detect that your account is a malicious account, which will result in a ban.

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The second Pinterest, this platform is the easiest to operate. If the sticker quality is good and it is easy to attract customers, you can quickly increase the number of views, but be careful not to post multiple posts at once. You can post 10 pictures a day, but you must pay attention to the interval of each picture, otherwise, it is easy to be blocked. You can use the puzzle story option to increase the number of views and attract more fans. You can add your own website when posting a post, and customers can click on your website directly through the picture to increase your sales and website attention.

Tik Tok:
The third Tik Tok. This platform is the fastest and the easiest to operate. As long as your content is enough to attract customers, you can quickly explode through a video. When posting a video, pay attention to choosing an attractive cover and add tags that match the content of the video. The above three platforms can all be converted into corporate accounts, you can add your contact information, email, website, etc. Pay attention to adding tags when posting posts on the above three platforms.