20mm  Fluffy Mink Lashes

 20mm  Fluffy Mink Lashes

Biotherm is a professional eyelash supplier and wholesale customized eyelash packaging supplier.We constantly independent innovation and research and development can keep up with the trend of the latest eyelashes。

DX series is the latest eyelash design developed by our design team according to customer feedback and preferences.Just one week after its launch, it has been widely welcomed by customers around the world.

The lashes in this collection are more curly and fluffy than those in other collections, and we use the most advanced technology — the high temperature setting method.The advantage of hot setting is to avoid the damage of chemical substance to eyelash, retain the characteristic of tenacity of eyelash oneself, can keep eyelash in optimal condition, and still can avoid chemical substance to human body skin damage or allergy.

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