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Princess of Butterfly DH002

Princess of Butterfly DH002 25mm Mink Lashes

DH007 is one of the most popular mascara models all over the world, and it is popular all over the world. People who appreciate her have their own unique aesthetic and are not easily disturbed by the outside world. Like a noble butterfly princess.

Careful you will find that DH002 and DH004 are very similar, but DH002 is more symmetrical than DH004. At least 70 percent of people in the world think symmetrical things are beautiful, and if you belong to this 70th, I think you’ll like DH002.. If you are an eyelash wholesaler, this information is very meaningful to you, 70% of your customers will like DH002. We know that as a high-end product, the output of large eyelashes is very small, if you want to get DH002, faster, contact us quickly!


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