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Why Is Biotherm Lashes 25mm Mink Strip Lashes The Best Eyelashes?

Why Is Biotherm Lashes 25mm Mink Strip Lashes The Best Eyelashes?

25mm mink strip lashes are very popular

Since Biotherm Lashes started producing 25mm large eyelashes, big eyelashes have become more popular. Biotherm Lashes eyelashes have developed 18mm eyelashes based on the basic 16mm type. It is very popular. In the 2018 popular style, 18mm The style occupies six models, such as 3D09B, 3D08A, 3D13YL, 3D22YL, 3D35YL, 3D66YL. On this basis, Biotherm Lashes has developed and improved 12 models of 25mm, 8 models of 20mm long eyelashes, which are favored by long eyelash lovers. The products are in short supply, and several varieties have been out of stock since November 18, and were relieved in mid-January 19 of the same year.  

Big eyelashes must be warped at the end to be perfect

   We know that the traditional short eyelashes are natural, and you wear the eyelashes just like the ones that are not worn. That is the highest level of short eyelashes. When a girl praises her eyelashes, she is always proud to say “I haven’t found my boyfriend with false eyelashes”. This sentence describes the ease, nature and comfort of small eyelashes.
The big eyelashes are the opposite. The eyelashes are thick and thick, and her style is flamboyant, unrestrained and strong. If you make it like a small eyelash, the eyelashes that are made are like a fan hanging on the eyelids. It’s dark and ugly, and the eyelashes are heavy. Your eyelashes don’t have the ability to support them. When you use makeup, you can only continue with mascara. The brush on the forehead can make the mink eyelashes better blend with their own eyelashes. It looks natural and realistic, but the quality and weight of the eyelashes have made her dress unnatural.
The difference between large eyelashes and small eyelashes is that there must be a good degree of bending, so that you can find a good support point for the eyelashes. The upturned eyelashes can open the eyes and bring a better beauty effect. This is very important. of. Why are long eyelashes so popular, there is no factory to make this product in the market, no eyelashes to buy this product? It is because the long eyelashes start to bend up from the middle, which is very difficult to do. It cannot be done without mature technology and skilled labor.

Only Biotherm Lashes can make beautiful big eyelashes

After a long period of research, Biotherm Lashes has already overcome this difficulty. Skilled technical workers, according to the technical drawings, manually layered a layer of eyelashes, and then use the combination of heat and force, using exclusive and unique technology, with a 7-day cycle to meet the bending standards required by the designer. This core technology for making the perfect eyelashes is only available from Biotherm Lashes, so now only Biotherm Lashes can make beautiful eyelashes.

Beauty salons and beauty eyelashes buy big eyelashes from Biotherm Lashes

Now a lot of beauty salons, eyelash beauty artists are also starting to buy big eyelashes from us, because they can’t make such long eyelashes because they can’t make such long eyelashes, because they can’t make such high eyelashes, they give Long eyelashes made by customers must be processed with eyelash curlers and mascara to achieve the effect of lifting up, which is very troublesome, no one likes to do so. Because Biotherm Lashes’s large eyelashes are purely artificial and purely physical, it is expensive, naturally it sells at a high price, and the customer experience is great. For a penny, you want to get a good enjoyment, of course you have to pay a relatively high price.

What is wrong with the big eyelashes that appear in the market?

1. The eyelashes made by the machine are inconsistent in thickness, and the roots of the eyelashes are neat, and the gap between the ends of the eyelashes is messy, irregular, and not beautiful.
2. Bending upturned with chemical dyes, causing damage to the tip of the hair, the gloss of the water mane itself is destroyed, no longer shining beautiful, but the same color as the artificial plastic eyelashes. thick, semi-manufactured mink lashes, uneven eyelashes, eyelash bands have large areas, thin areas, and uneven support for eyelashes.
4. Single-layer eyelashes use more eyelashes than Biotherm Lashes. The number of stacked layers is small. The entire eyelashes are loose and not compact. The support effect of these eyelashes and eyelash bands is naturally weak. It is necessary to use mascara to adhere to their own eyelashes. Keep the eyelashes stable, which increases the weight of the eyelashes. After wearing it, it looks stiff, not flowing, unnatural, and uncomfortable for the user.

Eyelashes are artificially made products. Exquisite technology, experienced eyelashers can make beautiful and beautiful eyelashes. If you only pay attention to the output, use the machine instead of the artificial, you can never make a perfect big eyelash. To enjoy high quality large eyelashes, look for Biotherm Lashes.
 Biotherm Lashes eyelashes are of good quality, reasonable price and good service. Whether you use it yourself or market, Biotherm Lashes is your most trusted Lash vendor.

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