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How To Make A Good Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors?

How To Make A Good Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors?

Today, the problem with wholesale customers of mink lashes is that the quality of a large number of goods and samples is severely unstable. Give customers a sample, but the quality of large items is uneven. The delivery time is unstable, the delivery time is guaranteed to the customer, the customer has publicized, the delivery cannot be delivered on time, and the customer is lost.

Without the ability to update, the customer feels behind the style and loses a lot of opportunities to make money in the market. You did not provide updates to your customers in a timely manner. Once the market sees new products, your customers will soon lose other new customers. Low quality products do not have an innovative style. They only reduce quality and lower prices. Intense competition

Since e-commerce is so developed, good products, bad products, everyone knows that products that make money are always quality products.

Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after meeting their living standards. Beauty is the end. If beauty is not the ultimate, unnatural, imperfect, why should we make up? Isn’t it better to not wear makeup? This is the current deviation between the supplier and the consumer, which is the root cause of your loss to the customer.

Consumers are looking for quality eyelashes. Consumers are not afraid to spend money. If they are willing to spend money, they will feel good. Intermediaries know that low prices, low prices and low prices will eventually collapse in low prices and low quality competition. !

Dear Customer, Can You Understand?

There is a bias between the consumer and the middleman philosophy. Consumers are of a high standard, and the concept of middlemen cannot keep up with the concept of consumers.

When consumers say that prices are high, middlemen really think that prices are wrong. In fact, customers only want quality eyelashes.

The problem of eyelashes, especially eyelashes, is particularly serious, and the feelings of consumers and middlemen are biased.

If you are doing low-cost, low-quality eyelashes, you don’t have to do anything else all day, set up a department to handle customer returns and product quality complaints, and your costs are high.

I suggest that you set up a department to handle complaints. You encounter these problems, time and cost every day. Focus on sales, suppliers’ products don’t have to worry, and focusing on doing things will do better. In order to overturn the logic of the customer, when our logic must be correct, there is no need to talk about the customer, but the customer will consider it.

So dear has a good ideal and good merchandise is very important wholesale water lash eyelash supplier.

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DH005- is only a delicate woman.

DH005 25mm Lashes- Is Only A Delicate Woman

DH005 is the most exquisite of all big eyelashes. It looks like a quiet lady.

When you wears it in your eyes, you think you put a dress on your eyes. This is a fine eyelash, she only belongs to those equally delicate women.

DH005 is very popular in the eastern United States, it will soon be popular around the world, which women do not want to be refined? I’m sure you will.

Because DH005 represents such a beautiful meaning and people yearn for beauty, it is now sought after by many people. Popular things are always short-lived, but I believe DH005 will be a classic, and people won’t change their liking for it even after a long time. Because it is so beautiful and wonderful.

If you are an eyelash entrepreneur, what opportunities do you have to bring fans to your brand? You see, this is the opportunity.DH005 25mm mink strip lasehs Vendor – Biotherm Lashes

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How To Get The Own Eyelash Style Of Your Brand

How To Get The Own Eyelash Style Of Your Brand

If you are the owner of an eyelash brand, you definitely want to have your own eyelash style.

This is very obvious, what is more attractive than the unique eyelash style?

But you know, this is very difficult. It’s hard to design a good style, not everyone is an artist. Few suppliers will design eyelash styles for you, as most suppliers and factories do not. Finally, even if a supplier designs a style for you, he says, “This is yours.” When this style is successful, you will find in one month that everyone seems to be selling this style of eyelashes.

Lol, I am not saying that your supplier is not keeping you secret, although sometimes it is. More importantly, most of the eyelash brand, although lacking the ability to innovate, but the ability to imitate is very good. This is why most brands are so difficult to protect their own eyelash styles.

So, is it really so difficult to have a style that is unique to your own eyelashes?

I want to tell you, no. At least for you who saw this article, no. Because the article you saw comes from the most professional eyelash supplier Biotherm Lashes.

Biotherm Lashes is able to customize the style for you, which is obvious because it has the most professional designer team and the best eyelash style chief designer OSCAR. Biotherm Lashes can design your own style, as long as you really want to have this exclusive custom eyelash style, you are confident that you can sell 200 pairs of this style every month, right?

This is the condition of Biotherm Lahses. As long as you can guarantee the order quantity of 200 pairs of custom styles per month, Biotherm Lashes can guarantee that this custom style is yours, within a year. If your brand sells 200 pairs of custom eyelashes every month for a year, Biotherm Lashes will automatically renew your contract a year later.

I think you have to worry about plagiarism next time, don’t worry. The eyelash styles designed by Biotherm Lashes are hand-placed by the workers and are not so plagiarized. I can tell you that even if we spread the design drawings of the eyelashes, no one can understand our design drawings. The eyelashes made by Biotherm Lashes are very professional.

Finally, I want to tell you that if you can design your own custom eyelashes and ask for confidentiality, you are great. In order to express respect for you. When you order over 200 pairs of eyelashes in Biotherm Lashes, we can unconditionally protect your own eyelash styles.

Plagiarism in eyelash styles is easy, but remember that no one can copy the quality of Biotherm Lashes.

If you want to get your own eyelash style, This is Biotherm Lashes your exclusive customer service Moune.

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Mink Eyelash Maintenance

Eyelash Maintenance

3D Mink Eyelashes can be used repeatedly 25-30 times if properly maintained. How to maintain and extend the life of false eyelashes?

1. Do Not Brush Mascara On False Eyelashes.

Many ways to wear eyelashes on the Internet means that after wearing false eyelashes, brushing a layer of mascara can prevent stratification of the true and false eyelashes, but it is very difficult for the cleaning of mink eyelashes. For precious mink lashes, it is best not to do this, as long as the eyelashes are shaped before the eyelashes are applied, the true and false eyelashes will not be layered.

2.The Use Of Eyelashes Is Gentle.

Do not pull the eyelashes with force, try to keep the curvature of the roots of the false eyelashes. After use, use the eyelash comb to comb the false eyelashes neatly.
3D Mink Lashes can be washed with water. If it is dirty, you can use a brush to gently brush it. The dried glue can be gently pulled off.

You need to be prepared to wear eyelashes: false eyelashes, glue, scissors.

Cut the false eyelash band short, preferably about 8mm shorter than the lateral length of your eye. Confirm the position where the eye starts 3mm and the end of the eye is 5mm.
In this way, it is possible to avoid the possibility of discomfort in the eyes and the end of the eye.

The length of the false eyelash band should be adjusted according to the length of your own eye. If the eyelashes are too long, it will feel stinging on the eyes. If you are a newbie, Biotherm Lashes recommends that you first use the

contact eyelashes to practice, which is more convenient.

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In The Fall, Beware That Your Eyelashes Fall Like Leaves

In The Fall, Beware That Your Eyelashes Fall Like Leaves

“Beautiful big eyes, full of charming smiles” This is the ideal state of thousands of love for women, flashing and flashing like a lash of eyelashes, a pair of clear big eyes will give women a lot of temperament. Most people are looking at the long eyelashes that bring a fascinating feeling, but few people realize that the function of eyelashes is not limited to adding beauty. Professional Mink eyelashes supplier Biotherm Lashes reminds everyone: “In addition to making people look more beautiful, thick eyelashes are also a pair of ‘natural curtains’ for the eyes, which can cover the eyes from glare and ultraviolet damage, and prevent Dust falls into the eyes.” However, why does the eyelashes become faded when the fall arrives? Let us together reveal the cause of eyelashes falling off.What’s going on in the fall of the eyelashes?

The average person’s upper eyelid has about one hundred eyelashes; the lower eyelid has about sixty, which is mainly responsible for blocking foreign objects and protecting the eyes. In autumn, due to the drop in temperature, the capillaries that transport nutrients to the hair follicles contract, and the hair follicles are not fully nourished, so the eyelashes are as easy to fall off as the hair. In fact, we usually have a few eyelashes falling off during cleaning or rubbing. Why do they fall off particularly badly in the fall? Biotherm Lashes’s beauty experts analyzed that this has something to do with the endocrine in the human body. Dry air in the fall, coupled with poor nutrition and poor sleep quality, all affect hair growth. It will make your eyes look less beautiful.

When the body lacks nutrition, doctors generally recommend adjusting the diet. However, there are different opinions on how to solve the problems caused by eyebrows and eyelashes. Some people say that they can graft false eyelashes once and for all; some people say that mascara can be brought back to life; but the risk of grafting eyelash surgery is too great, and the effect of mascara is not obvious. Nowadays, many women see some beauty magazines or beauty products, deliberately magnifying the thick and long eyelashes of the model. In fact, many people’s long eyelashes are produced by chemical components. Products with chemical additives have many safety hazards. In fact, it belongs to the destructive encouragement, and the risk is great.

What is the best way? This should be a way to keep you beautiful without affecting your health.
Don’t worry, we have mink eyelashes, Biotherm Lashes’ mink hair lashes are made with 100% cruel free mink hair, safe, healthy and clean. Because it is a completely natural material, it will only bring you beauty, comfort, comfort and comfort. It can completely replace the work of your eyelashes, or it is the “armor” of your eyelashes.
In this fall, there is no better choice than Biotherm Mink Lashes.

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Easy to learn eyelashes in three steps (it is impossible!)

Have You Ever Studied False Eyelashes?

Is there a feeling of failure in the learning process?
Is there a hundred doubts about the real role of this product?
If you have it, then it’s right!

Learning to apply false eyelashes is a process that every woman who loves beauty must go through.
I don’t say how hard the process is, because the number is not clear.
Therefore, some beauty net red said that “a few steps to teach you to put false eyelashes” are basically deceptive, almost everyone will encounter these situations when learning to use the eyelashes.

1. Do Not Clip Eyelashes

There are a lot of small partners who are short in eyelashes themselves. They think that they can not wear eyelashes before putting false eyelashes. As a result, even if the false eyelashes are right angled, the true and false eyelashes will be completely separated. It will be very funny.

2. Stick Too High

Many small partners will almost always stick to the upper eyelids after learning the false eyelashes, mainly because the false eyelashes do not stick to the roots of the true eyelashes, and some will directly apply the false eyelashes to the double eyelids. between.

3. Stick Too Low

If you find that your eyesight is blocked after the false eyelashes are attached, it is that you put the false eyelashes too low. You may want to make the true and false eyelashes fit together well, so the effect is more natural, but the action is a bit too much.
The correct three methods:
This kind of technology can be learned in a few steps, but it really only needs three parts. This was the result of a long-term investigation and experiment by Boitherm Lashes.

Tools: Eyelash glue, eyebrow scissors, eyelash curler

First, the false eyelashes are created after the steps of eye shadow, eyeliner, etc. are drawn!

Step One

The first step is to curl the true eyelashes and slowly press them up from the roots of the eyelashes on the eyelashes instead of just one position, so that the eyelashes will bend naturally and last.

Step Two

Then you need to apply glue on the stem of the false eyelashes. Use the eyelash curler to firmly hold the false eyelashes, and evenly dry the glue after it is dry. Newbie friends should never use black glue after drying. If you accidentally posted the wrong one, you may want to put real eyelash. Make up the makeup and get back again.

Step three

Use the eyelash curler to help the false eyelashes stick to the root of the real eyelashes. You can use the eyeball position as the fixed point, and then attach the false eyelashes in the left and right positions after the paste, and the position can be adjusted slightly before the glue is dry.

This is all done! ! !

A successful false eyelash paste case is that the lashes of the eyelashes must be firmly attached to the roots of the true eyelashes. The true and false eyelashes are perfectly integrated, and the eyesight is not obstructed and the eyelids are normally prevented from blinking.

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Private Label 3D Mink Eyelashes

Premium personal eyelashes for private packaging factories


So  Many  Kind  of  Style  3D  Mink  Lashes

Handmade Mink Lashes ML3D17
Handmade mink lashes ML3D17
Top quality 3D mink lashes ML3D17
Top Quality 3D Mink Eyelashes ML3D17
Premium 3d mink lash ML3D17
Advanced 3D mink eyelashes ML3D17









Professional Natural ML3D65
Professional Natural ML3D65
Handmade Mink Lashes ML3D65
Manual mink eyelashes ML3D65
Wholesale mink eyelash ML3D65
Wholesale suede eyelashes ML3D65









100% handmade ML3D50
100% hand-made ML3D50
3D real mink fur lashes ML3D50
3D leather mink hair lashes ML3D50
Factory 3D mink Lashes ML3D50
Factory 3D mink eyelashes ML3D50






Biotherm Mink Lashes Factory and Sales Office

Biotherm Mink Lashes Factory
Biotherm Mink Lashes Factory
Biotherm Mink Lashes work shop
Biotherm Mink Lashes work shop
Biotherm Mink Lashes Sales Office
Biotherm Mink Lashes Sales Office

Biotherm 3D Mink Lashes Production

Step 1 handmade mink lashes
Step 1 handmade mink lashes
Step 2 handmade mink lashes
Step 2 handmade mink lashes
Step 3 handmade mink lashes
Step 3 handmade mink lashes










Step 4 handmade mink lashes
Step 4 handmade mink lashes
Step 5 handmade mink lashes
Step 5 handmade mink lashes
Step 6 handmade mink lashes
Step 6 handmade mink lashes







Order wholesale Mink Eyelash Factory 

Wholesale Mink Eyelash Factory 3D mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, horse hair lashes, artificial mink lashes, human hair lashes

If you have any questions or questions, please contact us

Whatsapp: +86 17806286210

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Paypal account:

Reason Why You Chose Us

Cruelty free 100% Siberian mink hair
Cruelty free 100% Siberian otters hair
Pure manual production process
Pure manual production process
3D Mink Lashes can be continuously used more than 30 times
3D Mink Lashes can be continuously used more than 30 times











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Have a cordial working relationship
Have a cordial working relationship
Payment for goods
Payment of goods










We support Paypal payments and T / T payments
We support Paypal payments and T / T payments
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Delivery to your house by express delivery
Perfect after-sales service
Perfect after-sales service










How to Distinguish True and False Siberian Mink Fur Eyelashes

Eyelash is highly valued by most female friends for it is able to modify our “window of the soul” although it is very small. It is the dream of most female friends to have slim and dense as well as very natural eyelashes.

Real mink lashes come from the mink back, obtained by gently brushing live mink, without harming them, then carefully hand arranged in to strip. With Siberian mink fur eyelashes, you’ll get a light, fluffy, soft natural look. It is as soft as your own eyelashes.

The most common false eyelashes on the market are made from synthetic materials or human hair.

The main difference between them and mink lashes is wearing time and effect. Because mink is 100% natural fur, it provides a natural shine. It is super lightweight and flexible which can be curled like real human hair and likes look a feather.

With good care, good quality mink fur lashes can be used up tpo 25 times, while synthetic and human hair eyelashes can be used up to 7-10 times.

False Siberian Mink Fur Eyelashes

When you buy siberian mink fur eyelashes, you can distinguish weather they are true by the following methods.

1.To scald it with hot water. Siberian mink fur deform easily while fiber mink hair is not easy to be deformed.

2.After being burned, siberian mink fur will be shaped into powder by hand with a smell of smell of burning hair, while fiber likes pimple which can not be broken with the smell of burning plastic.

3.The single dense of siberian mink fur is not as neat as fiber’s.

Individual Eyelashes – How To Choose And Apply Them

Long luscious eyelashes are all the rage at the moment, and to get this look most women will need to apply false eyelashes.

In reality most women are dissatisfied with the length and fullness of their natural eyelashes. Which is why products designed to help make your individual eyelashes look longer, and fuller are one of the top cosmetic market sellers.

As women consumers we spend thousands of dollars each and every year on products that the media tells us will make us more attractive. Which is why choosing individual eyelashes over all your other eyelash enhancement options is the best one, and it’s fairly inexpensive.

Individual eyelashes are a more practical, every day selection over a full set of fake eyelashes. They are available in a wide variety of lengths and thicknesses. They allow you to just fill in the gaps of your natural lashes without giving you too many eyelashes, leading people to question if they are real.


Apply fake personal eyelashes:

• Apply an eyeliner to the lash line. This allows you to better hide your application.

• Place a false eyelash glue dot or “knot” on the eyelash base and allow it to dry for a few seconds.

• Blow on the glue for about 10 seconds, which helps it set and stay firm with the eyelids.

• Hold the eyelashes on your fingers as close to the eyelashes as possible. Press down on the eyelashes to make sure they are properly installed.

• When using single eyelashes, it is best to start with the center and corner of the eye and apply it where needed. Usually only four clusters are needed.

If you need to take a while to master false eyelashes, don’t be discouraged. Personal eyelashes can add a lot of sexual attraction in a very short time and in a very short time!

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The Most Effective Way to Achieve Long Lashes That Last

Long Lashes Are Something That Every Woman Wants And In The Past

the results were disappointing. However, there are a number of different products on the market, offering remarkable results to enhance your eyes. Taking the time to read the different Biotherm Lash reviews and comments will ensure that you select the best product for your needs and budget.

Your eyes are one of the first areas which people notice when they look at your face,therefore, you want to ensure they are beautiful.

Some women suffer from extremely short eyelashes and want to find a product which can enhance them and make them appear far longer, thicker and darker. Eyelash enhancers such as the one described have been proven to be highly effective and will ensure that you suffer with no side effects from the product.

All of the Biotherm Lash reviews which are available have shown that this product is highly effective

affordable, and easy to apply. You will simply need to remove your makeup at the end of the day, and apply the product before going to sleep. Throughout the night, the natural ingredients will work their magic and help your eyelashes to be healthier.

You will be able to have long lashes in an extremely short space of time and enjoy the fantastic new sexy look they provide. Biotherm Lash reviews will provide you with all of the information which you will need. Extensive clinical surveys have ensured that all of the ingredients are 100% natural and that there are no lasting side effects.

The results after using the product do vary; however

overall they create long lasting, magnificent thicker, fuller lashes. There are also some fantastic moisturizers and conditioners included in the product.

Biotherm Lash is a serious contender against other competing products which claim to offer long lashes. You need to consider all of the options and look at the different products to decide which the best is for you. The ease of use of this enhancer will help to make the decision easier; therefore, you can begin to use the eyelash enhancer today.

The ingredients which are included in the product are safe

however, it is always advised to perform a skin test before using any new product. You do not want your eyes to be affected by any product that you want to use in that area. Once you have tested your skin, you should read Biotherm Lash reviews to ensure that you understand how to apply the product.

Shopping for this style of product is easy and you will find that they sell eyelash enhancers in several stores and online. Long lashes are easy to achieve if you understand how to use the product. You will no longer need to be envious of women who have incredibly beautiful long lashes.

We are Mink Lashes Factory,Wholesale  Private Label Real 3D Mink Lashes and Private Label Box.Welcome to inquire.

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Growing Longer Eyelashes in Four Weeks – Does the Eyelash Enhancer Really Work?

Having long, thick, dark, and glamorous eyelashes are every girls dream.

How would you like to have longer eyelashes that were naturally just that? Without the use of extensions or false eyelashes, just natural eyelashes that were all yours, completely beautiful on their own with no treatments. Just the use of a new product called an eyelash enhancer.

Do eyelashes grow? Well just like all of the other hairs on your body, yes. But we do put them through some rough treatment with all that curling and mascara so they end up growing either real slow or not at all because they are damaged. So we just keep on using over and over the same treatments that are keeping them from growing in the first place.

Of course the mascara, the curling, the false eyelashes make us look better.

It is the longer eyelash look that we are trying to get and those products do deliver. They don’t last so we have to deal with it just about daily. So how can we use this new product and get fast results?

The eyelash enhancer can give you results in as little as four weeks. That is correct, four weeks; in fact many see results in two weeks. I know you must be thinking that this is too good to be true.

Well the truth is that it is true.

The 3D01 eyelash enhancer on the market today had some independent tests done to see if it worked. The results showed an amazing 82% increase in eyelash density in 4 weeks time. With a result like that you would have to think something unnatural was at work, like some harmful chemical.

The good news for us with short eyelashes is that it does not contain any chemicals at all. In fact every ingredient in it is 100% all natural. They even list out all of the ingredients that are used in the formula. You will see that it is a list of natural plant extracts.

The #1 brand of eyelash enhancer will condition your eyelashes with these natural ingredients.

Moisturizers and minerals from these ingredients have all been shown to be good for eyelash growth. You only have to apply it once per day to get results in a few weeks. I challenge you to see the results you will get, it does not matter what condition your eyelashes are in today, the eyelash enhancer will deliver results. You will begin to see in a few weeks beautiful eyelashes to start emerging naturally.

We are Mink Lashes manufacturer wholesale Hand made mink lashes,Welcome to inquire.