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How About Mink Lashes?

How About Mink Lashes?

Have you ever experienced the grafting of eyelashes? This start may be enjoyable, but it won’t last long. Time makes them droop, which can make your eyes inflamed.

You should also be careful not to let your grafted eyelashes touch the water vapor. Because they are made of artificial materials, you must stay away from the flames, which prevents you from participating in outdoor activities when wearing eyelashes, such as a bonfire party. When using eyelashes made of artificial materials, you must be careful, you can only experience the joy they bring on the sofa.

Can I only enjoy false eyelashes on the sofa?

No, This Is Not The Case. Let Us Ask, How About Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes they’re very fluffy and pretty and virtually weightless and therefore comfortable to wear. When we use it, we don’t have to worry about water or worry about fire. Because when you wear it, you are very hot.

25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

Made from real mink skin, they are light, soft, fluffy, and ultimately have a more natural look that matches the natural eyelashes of similar quality. Due to the high quality of the material and the light weight of the eyelashes, the eyelashes can be used repeatedly!

Let’s start with two of the most common questions: How natural is the mink eyelashes? Are they comfortable?


The most common type of false eyelashes are made of synthetic materials, usually plastic fibers, which are primarily machine molded and mean disposable or single use. Due to the structure and materials, synthetic eyelashes tend to be much thicker than typical human eyelashes and have stubborn ends, so there is a sharp contrast between your own natural eyelashes and the synthetic eyelashes you use.

Since the synthetic eyelashes are made of plastic, the straps will be harder and the overall weight will be greater, ultimately making them more difficult to apply and providing minimal comfort.

Mink eyelashes

This is the result of comparing the eyelashes with both. The mink hair is naturally soft and delicate, and it produces a very light experience when wearing eyelashes, with a lower luster and a beautiful natural appearance. Since the eyelash bundles are ultra-fine and tapered, they have beautiful curls and are almost indistinguishable from your natural eyelashes once applied.

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How To Start Your Lashes Own Business

How To Start Your Lashes Own Business

1. What girl does not want to be her boss?

What girl does not want to be her boss? Start your own eyelashes business hours and start your own company? Don’t rely on anyone other than herself? Every girl has the potential to do this, but one needs a special dedication to go through the process. This is the girl who is willing to take the first step to become her boss!
Nowadays, more and more girls like to wear water eyelashes (such as 25mm water eyelashes, 20mm water eyelashes, 3d water eyelashes), which will make their eyes bigger and more shining, so the water eyelashes become a very popular Makeup products!
Creating your own suede eyelash brand is a good choice for girls who want to have their own career, but how do you start your suede eyelash business? How to achieve this goal? Where can I get high quality wholesale mink eyelashes and high quality eyelashes suppliers? How does your market stay in touch with your customer base?

2. The most important thing for your eyelash business!

In our many years of experience in the wholesale of mink eyelashes, the first thing you need to do is to find a supplier of eyelashes that can provide you with high quality eyelashes. This is the most important thing for your eyelash business.
A well-known eyelash brand relies on quality products under the brand. There has never been a famous cosmetics brand before, and everyone is welcomed by inferior products!
BIOTHERMLASHES is a high quality mink eyelash supplier and eyelash manufacturer. We not only produce mink eyelashes, but also wholesale 3D suede eyelashes. We have won the trust and support of thousands of mink eyelash entrepreneurs, fast delivery, high quality products, and thoughtful. -Sales service. After two years of waterlash eyelash work, we have achieved the perfect product!

3. How to attract customers?

When you find the right supplier, you can start designing your own logo and customizing your own packaging. Because even the best products require exciting packaging. We can customize the packaging for you, we can print your LOGO on the packaging, let you sell your own brand of 3D water eyelashes! The minimum order quantity for our custom packaging is only 60, which is very low for you! We do not recommend the use of plastic transparent boxes with labels, the level of this package is very low.
Look forward to working with you to create a better future!

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