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The Customer Answer(Helpful)

The Customer Answer(Helpful)

       Before  people are just beginning to do Eyelashes business, will always be the ink Eyelash all sorts of questions, such as the quality of the eyelashes, whether custom eyelash packaging, how long does it take to receive the goods, now I do answer frequently asked questions, hope will help my customers, please add me if you need further understanding of What the APP, 18863907692, I can do further solution.

1 Customer:What exactly do you use to make your lashes?

   Biotherm Lashes: We use the best part of the Siberian mink tail to make eyelashes purely by hand.

2 Customer:How long do the last /How Many time can they be used?

   Biotherm Lashes:Our eyelashes, which are high-quality mink lashes, can be reused 15-20 times.

3 Customer:What are your prices?

   Biotherm Lashes:We have 16mm,20,22,25 lashes in four lengths at different prices.

4 Customer:Can I try Samples before buys bundles?What is the MOQ  can I purfuse?

   Biotherm Lashes:You can order any eyelashes you want.

5 Customer: Do they come pre package or is that all separate?
   Biotherm Lashes: If you need custom packaging, we can.If not, simple packing.

6 Customer: How long for shipping?
   Biotherm Lashes: We use  FEDEX  Express transportation, and the transportation time is 3-5 working days.