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The difference between Biotherm Lashes and ordinary mink eyelashes.

The difference between Biotherm Lashes and ordinary mink eyelashes.

1. Our eyelashes are real 100% Siberia Mink Eyelashes.
Our Luxury Mink Lashes Wholesale products are more fluffy and gorgeous than ordinary luxury products, and if you apply them on your hands, you will not feel the weight, and have a sharp and vivid appearance, which is very comfortable.《What Are 5D Mik Lanshes ?》

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2 .Aseptic processing

Our Best Siberian Mink Lash wholesale products are sterilized, truly healthy and green, without harm to your eyes and skin.《how-to-find-latest-eyelash-packaging-box-template》

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3.Relieve eye fatigue and reduce disease

Our Real 3d Mink Lashes wholesale are all made of top-quality raw materials, with light wearing and comfortable feeling. It can effectively relieve eye fatigue and avoid eye diseases.

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Tell you a simple way to distinguish:Put our Luxurious Lashes on your left eye, then put on another Eyelash from another mink eyelashes vendors feel the light and comfortable feeling, close your eyes, and feel them with your heart, open and You can feel them by closing your eyes. You will get the answer.

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