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What Do You Do To Make Money During COVID-19?

What Do You Do To Make Money During COVID-19?

  Most people affected by COVID-19 in 2020 will have to be unemployed, stay at home, have no income, and only live on government subsidies. In this special period, we all need to wear a mask when we go out to buy daily necessities, the mask covers half of our face, it is really important to wear beautiful eye makeup, wearing beautiful Mink Lashes is also very important, it can let people remember your beautiful eyes.Now Bitoherm lashes can make money and avoid risk ,if you are interested in  the Eyelash Business. You will find it easy and easy to earn money at home.

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1 Why is the Eyelash Business so popular?

People are at home, playing games, exercising, and communicating with friends through social media.Yes, most people will go online, they share text, photos and videos with their friends.

So smart girls will love doing business online in 2020.

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2,What should you do before start?

First, you should find an Wholesale Eyelash Vendors that can provide you with high-quality Mink Lashes

This is very important for your Eyelash Business, and as we say, a good Eyelash Manufacturers can do everything for you.

Eyelash Wholesale Vendor

Second, communication tools.

Before photos and videos of lashes can be posted on social media, you need to have a phone or a computer so you can easily conduct your Mink Lashes Business.

Third, a small amount of start-up capital

You need a little start-up capital, I suggest that your first order should be a small one, when you make profits from the first order, you can do bulk orders to earn more.It’s a snowball, and the more money you make, the more money you make.

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3,What are the benefits of the mink eyelash business?


First of all, the cost is very low. Your home can be your studio.

You don’t need to rent an office to negotiate with your clients.Very convenient and easy.And there is no risk of CONVID-19.

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Second, part-time jobs.

You can use your spare time to do the work.

Third, there is no need to hire employees.

You don’t need to hire any workers, the labor is so expensive, you can do it easily by yourself.

In the fourth.Social media is now completely free,

Nowadays people like playing mobile phones, surfing the Internet, shopping online, doing business online is very easy.

This way you can access free social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTobe…)Get the order.

You only need a very low investment budget to start your eyelash business, I suggest that your first order should be a small one, when you profit from the first order, you can do bulk orders to earn more.

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4,How to start your eyelash line business?

If you follow our website posts, you can easily start your Eyelash Line Of Business, and if you need help, we can help you step by step to Start Your Eyelash Line Of Business.

First, the brand name.

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Before the line of business, you should have a brand name.

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Second, your own logo.

You should have a logo if you want to build your Eyelash Brand.We have free Eyelash Logo for you to choose, we can design for you FREE

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Third, choose High Quality Eyelashes.

You can obtain the eyelash catalogue from your Wholesale Mink Lashes Suppliers.Choose the one you like.

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Fourth, make a sample order to test the quality.

If you feel that the quality of the Eyelash Supplier you are not very sure.You can purchase a sample order first to confirm the quality.

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The fifth, choose Eyelash Packaging.

Custom packaging for your high-end Eyelashes is like a person wearing a beautiful dress, making your eyelashes, more attractive, and can also promote your brand better.If you want to learn more about eyelashes, you can add WHAT App:8618863907692

5,Tips on how to choose an eyelash supplier.

First, MOQ is low.

When you start your eyelash business, you need a supplier with low MOQ, like us.Many eyelash suppliers have high MOQ, which is unaffordable for you just starting out in the eyelash business.

Second, sell high-quality mink lashes.

Note: Never sell low quality products, because you will lose your customers and market.

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Third, we can design your own LOGO for free

You should choose an eyelash supplier that can design for you for free.You can save $30 to $50 on your design.

Fourth, FAST transportation.

Time is money.We use Fedex fast  transportation and you will receive it within 3-5 working days。

If you have any more questions or needs, please contact me. +WHAT App:8618863907692

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