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What Is The Lowest Cost Eyelash Packing Box?

What Is The Low Cost Eyelash Packing Box

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In the Eyelash Business, beautiful Eyelash Packaging Box is very important, but it also requires cost, Luxury Packaging Box may account for your eyelash sales cost of 40, while ensuring the quality of the box while how to reduce this cost?

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Then I would like to recommend our carton packaging, we can help you print the logo on the box.Please keep in mind that we are of high quality paper box, high-end box will match your high quality mink eyelash, although our price is very low, paper card box but quality is not low, we can help you reduce the cost of high quality paper box two-thirds, that is to say, because the paper card packing box is very light, the freight will reduce a lot, it can also help you promote your brand, and repeating disassembling is no problem, use frequency is equal to the number of repeated use eyelash.Our high quality lashes can be used 15-20 times. This carton can also be used 20 times, just enough to support the number of lashes!

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We hope that you can get more profits with low packaging cost. Contact Biotherm Lashes, we can help you make beautiful and cheap paper card box, and provide you with a suitable plan for your eyelashes and box.

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