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What Material Eyelash Is The Best Mink Lashes?

What Material Eyelash Is The Best Mink Lashes?

With what material does Eyelash after all best?People who are just starting Eyelash Business often feel very confused about this question. As an experienced Eyelash Supplier, I will tell you the honest answer: Real Siberian Mink Eyelashes are the best eyelash material.If you want to keep your eyelash business going, you must choose mink eyelashes, which will bring you a steady stream of customers!Only some low-end factories use other materials.<<Why Our Mink Lashes Minimum Order Quantity Is 10 pairs?>>

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1. Mink Lashes are soft, light and comfortable.<<The-Customer-Answer>>

Even if you wear it 24 hours a day, you won’t feel uncomfortable.Imagine twirling around in the middle of the dance floor in a gauze dress, and those pale mink eyelashes are your “little skirt”!


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2. These mink lashes look very realistic and natural.

It’s also pretty, especially the 16mm 3D Mink Lashes, which look like your own lashes.Whether it’s dinner, a date or a meeting, every day is your first choice!Mink eyelashes can keep your eyes free!

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3. Mink eyelashes are a symbol of nobility and luxury, and the embodiment of female charm.

You’ll question me because you think we killed small animals, so you say “noble luxury”!No honey!Our wholesale mink eyelashes are made from the natural hair of small animals.Their hair grows just like human hair, so we just cut the hair that’s suitable for mink eyelashes, and we make mink eyelashes by hand.

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