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What Sstyle Of Lash Bands is Better?

What Sstyle Of Lash Bands is Better?


There are many types of  eyelashes on the market. According to the different bands, they can be divided into transparent eyelash bands, black cotton thread and Woven band lashes.

1. Cotton thread: The strap is black cotton thread, which can be used as an outer lining without reflection. It is very soft, and its end is not easy to tilt. Suitable for double eyelids with moderate invisibility. Can be used as eyeliner. Because it is very soft, it will not stick to the eyelids after putting it on, and it will not tilt easily. In other words, it is very malleable. The hardness is between the transparent woven belt and the woven belt. Because of its texture, the glue is very strong. However, its disadvantage is due to deformation after use. Whether it is more durable mink eyelashes or more affordable synthetic eyelashes, they can be made with black cotton thread.

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2. Transparent eyelash band: suitable for double eyelid and single eyelid. High transparency, better makeup effect. Cut a bunch of uprights to keep the original radian after use. It is very invisible, so you can get very good results whether in the entire cluster or in a single cluster. The disadvantage is that due to knitting, the eyelashes are easy to stick together, and the end of the eyelashes is easy to fall off and tilt.

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3. Woven lashes band : Compared with thread belt and cotton stalk, it is not very comfortable. But for girls with single eyelid and inner double eyelid, it is a good choice because of its high hardness and better effect. But soaking in water for a long time is easy to fall off, and the end of the eyelashes is easy to be degummed, and people need to fill it with glue from time to time. In addition, the hardness of the stems is not even, and the eyelashes are thick and thin.

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