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What You Should Know Before You Start Buy Wigs In Wholesale?

What You Should Know Before You Start Buy Wigs In Wholesale?

If you are interested in starting your hair business and Looking for Wholesale Hair Vendors, please forward these questions to your new hair vendor before buying virgin hair extensions.

1.Is The Hair Cuticle Aligned?
Hair with full cuticles means the hair is virgin hair, health hair, and never been processed. Low quality hair has lost the cuticles and it is very hard to dye to different colors.

2.Where Is The Hair From?
Honestly speaking, Indian, Burma are major hair source. 85% of hair materials are purchased from Indian and Burma. For example, in our hair factory, we have oversea hair purchase team in Indian and Burma.

3.Do You Do Sample Orders?
The reliable hair vendor should offer the SAMPLE HAIR for new customer to test the hair question. Nobody can judge the hair quality through the pictures. Customer should see the sample hair in the real and sew in or color test to know the hair quality.

4.Do You Change Your Price List Often? Can You Share You WHOLESALE PRICE LIST?
A good hair vendor should not always change the price, make the price be stable.

5.Who Do You Use For Shipping? What Are Your Shipping Time Frames?
FedEx will a better shipping agent. Normally it will take 3 days from China to US.

6.Do You Sell Frontal And Closures? Ask For Pictures? Ask What Is Density Level Of Closures?
It is important to know the density, because your client may like high or low density of closure or frontal.

7.Bundles And Closures Need To Match
I do suggest that you can sample the bundles and closure to check if they can match well.

8.How Do You Construct Your Wefts?
Single weft will be better for avoid the shedding problem.

9.Have You Had Previous Issues With Lice? Raw Vendor
Very important question

10.Are There Synthetic Fibers In Your Hair?
You should ask your hair vendor, how you can guarantee there is no fibers mix.

11.How Was The Hair Sourced, And Collected?
As I explained, Most of the hair import from Indian and Burma.

We have set up the hair purchase term there.

12.How Was Your Hair Patterns Created?
Our hair factory created the hair patterns by steam process for 12 hours.

13.How Do You Remove Your Hair Knots?
We have to remove the hair knots by shampoo the hair with warm water and deep conditioner.

It is very important, or it will Cause the tangle problem

14.Is Your Product Single Or Double Drawn?
Biotherm Hair only offer Single draw hair weft