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Where To Buy Cheap Magnetic Eyelash Set?

Where To Buy Cheap Magnetic Eyelash Set?

Do you want Magnetic Eyelashes? Biotherm Lashes has released a new super cheap magnetic eyelash set, her price is super cheap and only costs 14.99 $ dollars, you can have it. The purpose of this set of boxes is to give back to new and old customers, to support our group company’s Eyelash Wholesale Business, and to give back to customers with zero profit. You only need to pay the cost and enjoy FREE home delivery. This is your first choice for customers who like magnetic eyelashes.
This magnetic eyelash set contains 5 pairs of 16mm Magnetic Eyelashes, 2 Magnetic Eyeliners, and 1 rose gold Metal Lashes Tweezers. The price of $14.99 is unprecedented.

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What are magnetic eyelashes?
The eyelashes are made of high-quality synthetic fiber, which has a natural soft and bold appearance, which makes the lashes look more conspicuous, and contains 5 stronger magnets, the effect is very good, no need to worry about the eyelashes falling off. With a new curvature design, the tweezers are easier to use.
What is magnetic liquid eyeliner

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Our latest Magnetic Eyeliner  is made of a newly formulated liquid, which works like a magnet, not glue or liquid viscosity, which can prevent any damage to natural eyelashes. You don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of falling, and you don’t have to buy other kits often. The eyeliner also has anti-fouling and waterproof functions, and you can also use it as a normal eyeliner.

Metal tweezers
The tweezers in our premium set are a rose gold Metal Eyelashes Tweezers. Usually the price of this tweezers is very high. They are not plastic and break easily. They are metal tweezers. It is convenient for you to wear eyelashes.
Apply this line of liquid eyeliner like any eyeliner. The magnetic eyelashes will quickly attach to the position of your eyeliner. It is so simple to use and super convenient.

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Magnetic eyelashes can be reused through proper use and storage. These 5 pairs of magnetic eyelashes can be used for a long time.
Natural style
These 5 pairs of eyelashes are fixed and natural styles, which are very suitable for daily life. Whether you are a student or office worker, or you are a housewife, it is the most suitable for wearing. If you want more 3D Mink Eyelashes, we also have them, please contact +8618863907692