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Who Do Wholesale Lashes?

Who Do Wholesale Lashes?

Wholesale Mink Lashes were first made in China and were used for art in Peking Opera, which give viewers a better visual effect.《customers-ask-us-whether-to-make-samples》

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Nowadays, Mink Lashes are worn not just for art, but to boost your confidence and, in particular, to present women’s personal attractiveness.With the development of The Times, many countries are engaged in the eyelash business. Such as South Korea, Russia, etc., but the quality is not the best for their raw material cost is very low, so the quality is far less than Mink Eyelashes.

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The quality of raw material affects the price of the lash. Relatively cheap raw materials include chemical fiber hair, horse hair, human hair, etc. Although the price is low, it cannot be reused. If worn for a long time, it will cause eye strain, and eye diseases will occur in severe cases. So from a health point of view, we don’t recommend them.《which-mink-lashes-is-best》

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Mink eyelashes are highly recommended. The mink eyelash can be reused up to 30 times, which will not waste resources. Therefore, the cost of each use is actually very low, and purchasing Mink Eyelashes is the most appropriate. Anyway, the more you order, the cheaper.

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3d mink lashes wholesale is our best-selling style and our biggest source of profit. It can help you quickly seize the eyelash market and gain a bigger profit.Mink Eyelashes are very popular in the US. The most popular style is the 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes which we call “long dramatic style” and “dramatic style” (25mm) and “natural style” (16mm). We mainly produce Wholesale Stripe Eyelashes, as well as colored eyelashes. If you have other color requirements, we will try our best to meet you.

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Go ahead and place an order! It is of great importance to choose the most suitable eyelashes according to your preferences.The eyelashes we produce are novel in design and high in quality, and most importantly, healthy.

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