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Why are big eyelashes so popular?

Why are big eyelashes so popular?

Recently, the big eyelashes suddenly caught fire in the United States. After a night has passed, you suddenly find that the hipsters around you are wearing big eyelashes. The arrival of the trend is so sudden.
So why did everyone suddenly use big eyelashes?

Why are big eyelashes so popular? Let us reveal it.

First of all, big eyelashes are a brand new concept.

It challenges all eyelashes in the past, and its unrestricted beauty is loved by young people. Because it can show your character more intensely. It has a unique design and an elegant shape that makes it easy to get everyone’s exclamation. The person wearing it can also easily get the exclamation of everyone, it is inherited from the classic, but represents the free character, is the best label of your character.

Big eyelashes are very comfortable

Only one supplier in the world can produce large eyelashes, that is, Boitherm Lashes.
Boitherm Lashes has exclusive eyelash technology. Big lashes are large, but the band is very soft and feels very light and comfortable on the eyes. No one will reject a comfortable eyelash, right?

Wearing large eyelashes will make you more beautiful

There is no doubt that the big eyelashes are beautiful. I think this is one of the biggest advantages of big eyelashes, because anyone can see it.

From the hands of Boitherm Lashes chief designer OSCAR, Big Lashes has an amazing look. No matter what kind of eye shape you are, Big Lashes is a great match for you. This is a unique bit of Big Lashes.

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