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Why Can We Make Prompt Delivery

Why Can We Make Prompt Delivery

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Biotherm the only complete production system in Qingdao area, plant area over 12,000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 2000 million pair lashes, is the top export factories among industries , and through inspection WCA of the United States, ISO9000 certification, is the only standard 3D Mink Lashes factory.《a-few-things-about-using-the-internet-to-support-eyelash-business》

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Setting targets on the premise of ensuring production and sales needs, not only to avoid the phenomenon of production suspension due to insufficient raw materials in inventory, but also to prevent the phenomenon of out of stock due to insufficient inventory of 3D Mink Lashes and Packaging.

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With the goal of optimizing the overall supply chain cost, each supply chain partner should share a reasonable amount of eyelash inventory. Through this management, the 16mm Mink Lashes/20mm Mink Lashes/22mm Mink Lashes/25mm Mink Lashes inventory is controlled to the optimal amount, and the inventory materials are managed well with the least manpower, material resources, and financial resources.《why-can-we-make-prompt-delivery》

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We have sufficient production capacity as Wholesale Mink lash Vendors & Eyelash Packaging Wholesale, short inventory turnover cycle, and the annual inventory reserve and actual sales difference can basically be within 10%. Not only the inventory time but also the inventory quantity are showing a good development trend.

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As Eyelash wholesale vendors, adequate inventory can also prevent stock shortages, improve customer satisfaction, save expenses, reduce inventory costs, ensure the smooth progress of the sales process, improve the balance of commodity purchases, seasonal fundamental needs, and avoid enterprises from the lack of size and management talent The overall level of inventory management has been improved to avoid the crisis caused by the intensification of competition and the impact of broken capital chains.

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