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Why Choose A Chinese Eyelash Supplier Instead Of An American Eyelash Supplier?

Why Choose A Chinese Eyelash Supplier Instead Of An American Eyelash Supplier?

Biotherm Lashes has its own Eyelash Factory in China, and its own workers can make high-quality Mink Eyelashes and Eyelash Packaging Boxes purely by hand. And has its own team of designers, can design eyelashes and design eyelash packaging boxes, and can also design a logo for you for FREE.

  • First, labor costs.
    China’s low labor costs are well known. In China, workers can be hired at very cheap prices, while the cost of workers in the United States is very high.
    As an Eyelash Manufacturer, it is necessary to reduce production costs to be able to provide the majority of wholesale customers with 3d Mink Eyelashes at the lowest wholesale price.

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  • Second, the transportation cost. We have signed the lowest air transportation price with FEDEX, so we only need one-third of the normal transportation price to ship to all parts of the world, which also greatly reduces the transportation cost. At this point, if it is an American Lashes Manufacturer, it will only have an advantage for wholesale customers in the United States. If it is an Faux Mink Eyelash Wholesale user in the United Kingdom, delivery, Mexico, etc., then the transportation price will be three times or even that of the Chinese wholesaler. More.

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  • Third, the cost of the warehouse. Because it is a Handmade Mink Eyelashes Manufacturers, you need to guarantee the customer’s inventory. When the customer asks you to order, you must have enough inventory to provide it for turnover. This is not a small cost, not only the cost of warehousing, but also other costs such as hoarding goods, etc.

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  • Fourth, most of the US Mink Lashes Suppliers are wholesale from China to the US in large quantities, and then resell them to small eyelash sellers to make the difference. If you just want to buy 1 pair of Siberia Mink Eyelashes to wear by yourself, then as a manufacturer, you are recommended to choose the US Supplier, if you want to customize your own brand of eyelashes with your own logo, then Biotherm Lashes are your best choice.