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Why Choose Biotherm As Your Hair Supplier

Why Choose Biotherm As Your Hair Supplier

Biotherm Hair is the Best Wig Supplier, if you want high quality Brazilian Hair, then please contact me. For Fluffy Curly Hair and smooth Straight Hair, we can provide you with different styles of hair.<<How To Take Care Of Your Wig?>>

1 Excellent Quality
Biotherm hair only provides 100% Real Human Hair Original Hair, intact hair, soft, smooth and Healthy Hair Strands. Our raw materials are purchased from Brazil,Our hair is rated 10A and the higher the grade, the thicker it is at the ends. The weft is the density of the needle line. Double weft is when the yarn at the hair extension is more dense than the yarn at the standard weft. It also means less or almost no shedding than standard filling.

2 Good Service

Once you receive the goods, please give us a feedback on the quality of the products. We would be glad if you could give us a detailed product review. If you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will try to solve your problem. Doing so will not only help us to improve our products, but also improve the quality of our products and meet your consumer psychological needs!
3 Teach You How To Wash
Remember to wash in warm water, use low PH shampoo and good conditioner. Let the hair dry naturally instead of using a hair dryer before setting. Please start with a wide toothed comb at the bottom of your hair. Straight or curly hair: please keep your hair straight or curly for a short time under 180 ℃.