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Why Do Different Eyelash Suppliers Have Different Prices?

Why Do Different Eyelash Suppliers Have Different Prices

1. Different raw materials.
Girls who know eyelashes know that the best raw material for eyelashes is Siberian mink hair, which is comfortable and durable.
Good eyelash suppliers will choose the best mink fur from young minks. In addition, poor quality eyelashes will use broken mink. If you buy a cheap mink eyelash, you can easily find the broken mink. Although the price of synthetic eyelashes is cheap, the number of uses is limited.

2. Different eyelash production processes
This is an important point if you want to do business with your eyelash supplier. Most 3d eyelash suppliers use a simple process to produce mink eyelashes, only a few eyelash factories will choose the best method, wasting time and energy to do this. We use physical craftsmanship to make eyelashes purely by hand.

3. Different eyelash styles and eyelash designs
Different eyelash designers make different works of art. If the eyelash factory has a designer, they can make any style eyelashes for you, eyelashes, if the factory does not have a designer, all they can do is copy the style of others, they just copy The style but they cannot replicate the soul of eyelashes. We have a professional team of designers who will do market research every quarter and update the catalog of eyelashes

This is one of the keys to measuring the quality of wholesale mink eyelashes. The luxurious mink eyelashes of B eyelashes will not make you uncomfortable when you wear them when you sleep. They are very soft and comfortable.