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Why Do We Recommend Buying Handmade Eyelashes?

Why Do We Recommend Buying Handmade Eyelashes?

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Almost a lot of products mention handmade, and everyone thinks the quality is very good. Therefore, ,Mink Eyelashes are no exception. Our eyelashes are 100% Handmade  Mink Lashes. we have our own factory. The length is divided into 13mm ,16mm, 20mm 22mm 25mm. There are more than 100 eyelash styles. These 100 kinds of eyelashes are made strictly in accordance with the design drawings. Moreover, the production process of different curled eyelashes is also different. It is a very responsible process.

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What are the benefits of handmade Best 5D Mink Lashes? When we make eyelashes of different lengths, the length of the mink hair we use is different. For example, the hair characteristics of two years old and three years old or young are different. Therefore, our professional workers can distinguish hairs of different periods when making eyelashes of different lengths. The eyelashes produced in this way are more realistic and have a sense of high quality.

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We are a very professional Lash Vendors and Custom Lash Packaging Vendors, so we strictly control every process of making eyelashes. For damaged hair, we will never use it. Our staff will definitely pick it out. Before making eyelashes, all hair must be strictly inspected and disinfected. We will use a high-temperature styling method to shape the curl of the eyelashes. And different lengths and different degrees of warpage have different requirements for temperature. Before shipping, we will carefully check each pair of eyelashes, and will never send defective products to customers.

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