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Why Doesn’t Biotherm Have A High MOQ For Mink Lashes?

Why Doesn’t Biotherm Have A High MOQ For Mink Lashes?

Most Eyelash Suppliers have a high minimum order of 100 in order to make more profit.But we’re not going to do that.Why is that?《top-10-best-mink-strip-lashes-vendors-in-the-market》

First of all, many young girls want to start The Eyelash Business

Many young girls and even students want to use their own money to start the eyelash business, just want to open the market with 30 pairs or 50 eyelashes.So we would like to help these girls step by step to start their own eyelash line of business《why-doesnt-biotherm-have-a-high-moq-for-mink-lashes》

What would you like to know about our Custom Packing?

The second is to attract more customers, not just profits

1. We want every girl to know about our Luxurious 20mm Mink Lashes and to have truly gorgeous lashes

2.We want our customers to make good profits and make more money.

3. What we should do is use patience and soul to produce more 3D Mink Eyelashes.Our customers sell them at a good price.

Third, we have no minimum order and we have sufficient stock for all styles

Biotherm Lashes are very confident in our Luxury Wholesale Lashes, which are the best mink lashes on the market.Our customers can easily sell them in a short time and make a profit.Our mink eyelashes are all handmade by skilled workers. Our mink eyelashes have their own unique charm, which cannot be compared with our mass production by machine.

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