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Why Is No Price List?

Why Is No Price List?

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Biotherm Lashes have hundreds of customers to talk about eyelash business every day. Many people will ask at the beginning, how much is Mink Lashes and is there a price list? Yes, price is the most concerned issue of a business person. But any product is good or bad.

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It only cares about the price and not the quality of the 3D Mink  Eyelashes. For someone who has just started the Eyelash Business, this is the wrong way to start the eyelash business. You need to know the most popular styles in the market and the quality of the products.

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As a manufacturer of high-quality mink eyelashes and Customized Logo Eyelash Packaging boxes, Biotherm Lashes eyelashes have professional sales representatives. You can talk to the sales representatives about your needs.

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Everyone’s needs are different, so the sales representative of Biotherm Lashes will customize the price plan that best suits the customer’s needs. Therefore, we do not have a fixed price list to provide you, we can provide the best quality 3D Mink Lashes and Customized Logo Packing, the best service and the lowest wholesale price.

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