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Why Is The Business Of Mink Eyelashes So Hot?

Why Is The Business Of Mink Eyelashes So Hot?

False Eyelashes first emerged 80 or 90 years ago in the pursuit of art.For the best eye makeup, filmmakers are trying to make eyes bigger and more vivid: False Lashes.Due to the growing demand for false eyelashes, the industry has begun to show its presence in the world.

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The Chinese city of Qingdao is home to 80 percent of the world’s false eyelashes.And the style and material of eyelash also are many.The most common is Synthetic Mink Eyelashes.Mink Eyelashes are consistently ranked number one in the world for their natural shape and soft touch.Why is the eyelash industry so popular?As a professional mascara seller, I’ll tell you why.


1. Mink eyelashes cover a wide area

Wearing lashes and proper makeup can make a woman’s eyes look more charming and vibrant.
5D Mink Lashes have increasingly become a beauty necessity, and not just for filmmakers.The low price makes ordinary people choose this simple way to beautify.

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2. Mink eyelashes are cheap and cost-effective《have-you-found-a-wholesale-custom-eyelash-packaging-box-vendor》

In addition, mink can be farmed, so mink fur is more readily available.Lashes made from large quantities of mink hair are inexpensive and available to everyone.You can start your Eyelash Business for as little as $100, so many wholesalers who want to start a small business opt for wholesale mink eyelashes.

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3. Mink lashes have more advantages than Synthetic Lashes

Although synthetic lashes cost less, mink lashes are more similar in root shape to human lashes.Eyes with mink lashes look more vibrant and natural.Chemical fiber eyelashes have no luster, so many people would rather spend more money to choose mink eyelashes.

To sum up, mink eyelashes have obvious advantages.Many wholesalers have seen the feasibility of mink eyelash business, so every day hundreds of new wholesalers come to our website to inquire about mink eyelash business

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