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Why Is The Price Of Eyelashes Very Different?

Why is the price of eyelashes very different?

1.Different Eyelash Styles And Eyelash Designs
Popular design and excellent design team, they can do any eyelash style for you, if the eyelash factory does not have a developer, all they can do is copy the style of others, they just copy the style but they cannot copy the soul of the eyelashes.


2. Different Eyelash Production Processes
This is an important point if you want to do a small business with your eyelash dealer. The largest 3d eyelash distributors use purely manual processing methods to produce Siberian mink eyelashes, which requires skilled labor costs and time costs. High-quality mink eyelashes require investment costs.

3. Different Raw Materials
As we all know, the fashionable and advanced eyelashes are mink hair, which is both comfortable and durable.
The hair of young mink hair is vigorous and has good extensibility. Only professional eyelash manufacturers like B eyelashes will invest in high-quality mink hair to make mink eyelashes. Many cheap mink eyelashes use all It is hard hair that breaks easily as a raw material.
4. Comfort
This is one of the key factors to measure the quality of mink eyelashes. Mink eyelashes seller Biotherm eyelashes is a professional eyelash manufacturer. The mink eyelashes produced can be worn while you are in mink. If you use waterproof eyelash glue, your eyelashes will also be good when you are swimming.